Reiss Nelson (24)


Besides the starting 11, you need 3-4 players who are on their level and are good enough to be starters.

That’s proper width and options.


Decent squad player, still want a proper top notch back up to Saka unless you buy a top quality forward which means you can push Jesus out to the right for some games. You got to have someone out the right to challenge Saka and keep him on his toes. With Nelson stepping in for early round of cup games and the odd PL game when you need him.

As long as we’re planning to bring in another player who can credibly back up Saka, I’m fine with extending Nelson. It will be very cheap, he should be moveable in future years, probably for a small profit, and you do need players to be the 21-25th guys on the roster. The alternative for that role is essentially either buying somebody at greater cost or throwing a guy like Cozier-Duberry into the fire in cup matches and I haven’t seen much from him to suggest that he wouldn’t be completely out of his depth. The issue is if we are relying on Nelson to be more than that.

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Not good enough. We shouldn’t be signing bums like this.


Yeah, not the best of business imo. Need guys on the bench who are hungry to break into the XI. Not some lads who are happy to get paid to be backups. Hope Nelson somehow turns out to be a world beater though.

There is zero need to retain someone you avoid using in almost all circumstances. It doesn’t add up.


we need good players, players that can start to rotate, not CHEAP options


I agree we need good players, but we also need somebody to be the 21-25th guys on the squad list.

You look at what City do and they have 16-17 really top field players they lean hard on and then a bunch of guys who make up the numbers at the very back end of the first team squad. Cole Palmer, Sergio Gomez, Maximo Perrone, etc. You want those guys to be young, cheap, have some potential, and to not complain about not playing too much.

Its a huge mistake if we’re expecting Reiss Nelson to be one of our 16-17 most important field players. But he profiles well as a cheap guy who makes up the numbers at the very bottom of the squad. Our realistic alternatives here are Cozier Duberry or spending real money to buy some random 15-20m guy who also probably won’t play and isn’t all that good.


won’t disagree

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Sell him for £20m in Jan if he isn’t getting gametime amd/or we need funds for reinvestment

But good deal for now

60k a week.

Cheap wages for a reason.

Ridiculous. In before we give Marquinos a twenty year 35k a week contract. Great business signing average dross on a new contract because it’s cheap.

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Has this waster left yet. Guy scored a couple of goals for a new contract and will revert to type.
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Not his biggest fan, but if he can help the team anyhow this season in the cups, a long term deal means we can get good money when an offer comes along. Surely a newly promoted side or a West Ham or some mid table club will be willing to splash 20m on him.

Crazy when £60k a week is now considered peanuts.

Is it? He doesn’t play. It’s a lot.


I’ll always make peace with these deals as long as there’s one eye on getting a decent sale out of him. Speaking of which I really hope we have Nketiah in the shop window this summer

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Can the club win?
They used to be villains for letting our talent go for nothing.
Now we give them a contract so we can have a longer look at them and still the fans don’t seem happy.

We might only get £15-20m for him next summer if he doesn’t kick on but that’s still a profit on them wages. And if gives us more flexibility if we want to cash-in on other Home Grown/club trained players like ESR.


We’re just in a different space now hopefully. Nelson would have been a serviceable squad man in the late Wenger years, but he’s such a drop off from Martinelli and Saka, I don’t see the point in keeping him around.

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