Reiss Nelson (24)

Nelson needs game time and if Olympiacos are his only suitors then so be it. I’d prefer Nelson going on loan to a stronger league. Ligue Un would be my choice.

That’s the thing, I really doubt they are the only club interested.
From what I understand we received a lot of interest for him in the previous windows but he was the one who eventually decided to stay and fight for a place in the team.

He’s on easy street and lost his place here without showing much when given chances. Sell now.

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He thought he could make a name for himself in the first team this season which is admirable, albeit naive, and it’s royally gone pear shaped for him in this time.

A loan would be handy if we plan on utilising him in the future however, failing to make the squad on a regular basis so far feels ominous for him.

Feels like the projects of Reiss, AMN, Nketiah and Willock are at the end of their fruition with Arsenal and we should look yield some actual cash money for them now.


We have to be realistic here. We’ve got about ~20 players that we will be looking to offload in the sumner.
I genuinely can’t think of a scenario where we successfully sell most of them for a price that satisfies us.

Expecting a bit of a patch work like January where we delay making a decision by loaning players out.

With Saka, ESR, Pepe, Willian, Martinelli; there is not much room for him here.
I would sell him if an offer arrives.

Reiss Nelson is shit. It’s not going to happen for him here, not now, not ever. No point in loaning him out, let’s just sell him/give him away to whoever offers us a Boots meal deal for him.


I know where you’re coming from but if he looked at who was ahead of him and thought he could make an impact the only word I can think of to describe it is deluded. Someone should have been a lot more blunt with him last summer.


What’s wrong with taking a chance to see if you can make a breakthrough. He was 20 at the start of season. Surely that’s an age where you can afford to be delusional of your chances.

I think you’re partially right. Someone should’ve been more blunt about how many chances he would get but I don’t think it’s fair to call him deluded.

Nelson kept Pepe out of the side for a short while when Arteta arrived. Arteta praised the shit out of him during that period too. IIRC, he lost his spot after getting injured.
Many people from our youth system have come out and said he was the biggest talent that came out of the academy in recent years.
I really can’t blame the lad for believing in himself.

In advance - don’t really care what you think of him.

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Made a dumb decision not going on loan. Easy money. Get that attitude out the door thanks.

Now that I think back it was probably a pretty good indication that Arteta didn’t really know what he was doing when he was trying to force players like Nelson and AMN into the team regardless of their limited capabilities.

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Not making it with a country and western style name anyway.

Nice way to say Nelson isn’t good enough. :grimacing:
“Trains every day, tries hard”

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This lads played a cute little game with us hasn’t he.
Staying too fight for a place rather than go on loan. Yeah right.

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I never rated Reiss, seems like he be a decent Championship player who might get into the PL for short spurts. Doesn’t seem to have the drive in him to be a top class player. His loan spell in Germany easily tells you that. Think a bit like Eddie, just not good enough for this level.

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Oh ya mean like when we were actually getting results?

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Needs a full loan or sale for next season.

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If he cba that is.