Red Dead Redemption 2


Completely hooked lol. So much stuff to do. Who else is playing this? My entire PSN friend list seems to have dropped FIFA and actively play RDR.

Some decent tips in this vid:


I played enough missions to get out of the snow but it bored me so much I haven’t touched it in a week. It’s like a chore to play this game lol, I know everyone loves it tho 🖒



I hate how there’s this trend in games to go way overboard on the micro-management. Like FIFA 19 manager mode.

For every hour I spend playing Red Dead 2, I get maybe 5-15 minutes of actual gameplay. The rest of the time I need to fucking shave, hunt for food, skin animals, set up camp, brush my horse and I can’t even run or gallop everywhere because the character and the horse get too tired and sick.

You know what, I’m already heavily involved in a game where I have to shave, eat, sleep, work etc. it’s called life and it doesn’t have any fucking loading screens.

I only have a few hours a week where I can play video games, so it’s super frustrating for me to have deal with all this superfluous bullshit micro-management stuff. Look, I want to be a pretend cowboy with slow motion shooting. I’m not looking for some crazy Western in-depth simulator where I have to make sure I’m not wearing clothes that are too hot so I sweat too much and my stamina is affected.

Just let me gallop my horse around catching bad guys and robbing trains for fucks sake.

Same goes for FIFA 19 manager mode with all that micro-management bullshit in the training and scouting bit. Like, fuck off. Just let me manage Blackpool to the Champions League and let me buy Hazard without having to fucking scout him and micro-manage everything.

It’s like you get punished for being a casual gamer these days. It’s like you’re either a hardcore gamer who can afford to spend 4-8 hours every session and doesn’t have anything else going on in their life or you’re relegated to being some prick playing mobile games on their phone on the underground. There’s no in between anymore.

Fine by me, if they don’t want to cater to players like me I’ll just stop giving them my money.


I love a good cristo rant haha. I still remember your love island one :wink:


Game is amazing


Hahaha, yup nailed it.


I’m actually quite frustrated because it’s a fucking beautiful game with so much depth to it but it just feels like I’ve spent £50 on a fucking life simulator and I just can’t spare the time for that.


Haha fair enough Cristo. I can totally see where you’re coming from :smile: it annoys me as well that I have to keep my horse clean. And everytime I skin an animal by jacket is dirty and people in villages take notice.

I dunno overall I like it though, taking my time, not rushing through the story mode. Killing and looting families. Pushing annoying women off cliffs. So much detail and variety in side quests, plus a bit of humor, too.

I guess the detailed, slow approach isn’t for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not that, I love that and I always have but I just don’t have the time for it any more and really annoys me.

Throwing annoying women off cliffs and having awesome side quests is something I love, but I have to admit I really don’t enjoy having to hunt for food and keep the camp supplied with produce and having to feed myself and having to make sure i change my clothes etc.

I feel like that’s just too much detail and I wish there was more of a mid-point because I feel like it’s an entry barrier to gamers like me who only have a few hours a week but still want great games.

The first Red Dead was able to work that compromise better imo


GTA 5 is a good example tbh, none of that extra shit.


Yeah exactly. You could still do your hair and cars etc. but it didn’t affect the game play and still had an awesome story and fun, involving side missions


This is the first time I’ve ever seen people criticize a game for being too detailed and too realistic lol


Here’s the perfect thing for you to skip the grind:


Addicted to it. My first day off in a week and have spent 80% of it glued to the TV.

Been just pottering about hunting animals and collecting herbs and shit. Climbed a mountain also :rofl:


I don’t play computer games cos I’m lame but I must say, the graphics on this based on the adverts are astounding


Not really had that much time to play it but managed to get out the snow an get to the new camp, haunted a legendary bear an a coyote,

Got two pictures of off old cowboys

An thats all in the 4hours I have played so far


Honestly I would have strongly disagreed with you until I played Persona 5 this summer, and realised there is such a thing as too much content.

The single player there lasts 140h+ and I just don’t have that time to sink in games anymore

I mean fuck me it was so long.

It’s the same there, you have to go school get the questions right then go take baths tidy your room, read a book, watch TV and play games etc etc. In the game.


Lolol wtf is this game?? Shit I don’t have time do most of that shit IRL. Yeah games are getting out of hand nowadays.


The Witcher 3 was pretty good at balancing it all without getting too silly.


What a fucking joke RDR2 online is. Any of you playing this?