Reality TV

My last comment on this as this should be a light hearted topic.

Ethnic minorities (Non-White in Europe) make up less than 10% of the population. From what I’ve seen, over 50% of the contestants are non-White. It’s an exceptionally uneven representation.

It doesn’t really matter, but I see through the bullshit.

That said, the two best contestants from the last season were Turkish and Italian.

Why does it matter what race they are? i am not counting the differences in tally marks like you seem to be

I know for a fact that you’ve never needed to be aware of race.

You are 100% a white male (from some level of privilege) and it’s more obvious than you’ll ever know.

Can’t really be arsed tbh.

Looking forward to the new series.

Its a reality tv show I just think you are reading to much into the first lot of contestants.

I agree to leave it there and just enjoy the show

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Tbh he’s not wrong that game shows and reality tv go OTT now to be seen to have enough ‘minorities’ on shows (CBS in particular) but it’s just how it is.

End of the day the same number of people are on the show so it doesn’t matter what colour skin they have, as long as they’re the most entertaining 16 people or whatever it is.

Bigger problem is none of them are hot ffs

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The talent level seems a notch higher than this year’s winter edition to be fair.

Few too many white people for my tastes, not gonna watch until we get a fully non-white version.

Cant believe they got rid of the just eat parrots :cry:

The public putting the white people together and the black people together again I see.

One of the girl’s said “I trust the public”, you bloody wouldn’t if you saw who they voted to win Britain’s Got Talent last night!

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First episode thoughts.

I like Mollie and the guy that looks like Luca the most

There doesn’t seem to be anybody majorly dislikeable yet, but it is early days.

Yeah Molly and Mitchel for me too.

Also: :sweat_smile:

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Fack, forgot this was yesterday. Gonna be hard to watch this with my Mrs given the baby’s evening schedule. Might need to let her go ahead and watch on catch up during the working day and sit this one out :frowning_face:

I have to agree. The winter one just doesn’t have the vibe.

Watching it in the summer when its still daylight and sunny at 9pm is the vibe this show needs

This cast look good aswell.

We are done. Dont talk to me again after tonight ok?

Mitch is a nutter :joy::joy:


Still catching up but Tyreek must be setting new records for time spent in the fire pit :joy:

Close race between him and the actual fire at this point.

Can’t believe Leah is getting shafted by all the guys and she had to end up with Mitch lol.

She is the best looking and best personality wise for me

Yeah it’s mad init :joy: id be after her as #1 priority.

I think Jess is actually the best personality (she was annoying af the first 2 days just being loud) but Leah seems nice and quite normal tbh. She might not last too long on the show as she’s not dumb enough.

Surprised Tyreek didn’t jump ship, thought it was a clear upgrade for him.

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I know some people have sex on Love Island, but it’s pretty unusual for one of the girls to shag the whole male cast.