Reality TV

I don’t watch reality TV but have just sat through several minutes of The Only Way Is Chelsea because my wife is watching it.

Is there a worse, more shallow programme?
It’s worse than their football team.

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You’ve combined two shows there. The Only Way is Essex and Made In Chelsea. Guessing the latter given the reference to the football team :sweat_smile:

You’re right, it’s the show with all the posh people.

I’ve just seen a girl talking but I couldn’t follow what was going on because she said the word “like” more than a hundred times which was rather distracting.

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Feels like its not been away long enough. :joy:

Winter season really kills the suspense as I’m pretty meh about it right now lol


Yeah was thinking the same thing. Feels like it only just finished. Last series was a bit shit though, I thought, hopefully this one is better.

This is why you skip the dead winter edition.


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The Love Islanders are being announced today.
First one:

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The Villa?

Oh, sorry. This is the Reality TV thread. Lost my way.

We have the token Scottish and Irish person early doors this season :joy:

And there always has to be a Molly too

Hopefully the photos don’t do them justice, because I’m not keen on any of the guys

I’ll say it - very woke selectiin of contestants on the four pictures I’ve seen in this topic.

Ella looks absolutely lovely.

Oh and of course it’s illegal to have a series of Love Island without a semi professional footballer



I mean, I never knew Ireland was 99% Nigerian until watching Love Island.

Yep, that’s a perfectly reasonable take on things. :roll_eyes:

Thank you for confirming.

Or maybe Dublin is really small? Dami, his mate and Catherine all live on a small street.

This is diversity gone mad scanning the other contestants, but you’re not supposed to say that in 2023.

Regardless, I’ll be watching. Nice, easy viewing. Good to have on in the background whilst working.

You can say it if you want but you sound like a knob.


Well done. 17 woke points for you.

I’m not sure I understand what is woke about the contestants?