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Well she’s achieved a miracle to be fair - she’s given Kai a personality and made him more popular.

Is Maxwell still there by the way?

I don’t know a Maxwell :joy: is that who Olivia is with?

Haha yep. Exactly.

And what the fuck was that speech from Tanya? Proper cringe. And poor Martin. She was chatting about him like he wasn’t there!

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Movie night :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

Looking forward to this as Champions League games are shite tonight :fire:

Now we know why they haven’t had a recoupling yet. They wanted Martin there for movie night :sweat_smile:

Martin was sensational with that eating popcorn smirking. I was gone :rofl::rofl::rofl: what a guy

lol Tanya is an actual psychopath. :exploding_head::joy::joy:

That’s just a female thing to be honest :sweat_smile:

More bombshells :yawning_face: Why can’t we vote?!

There hasn’t been one in a long while.

Sick of Olivia and Tanya

Get Olivia out. Talking about Ron being a fake friend - bitch you cussed up half the girls relationships behind their back. And you FUCKING RECOUPLED YOURSELF. I’ve never seen such a bare-faced hypocrite in all my days. It’s like she has zero awareness. Why doesn’t somebody just tell her you recoupled, you’ve chatted shit behind people’s backs, just stfu. You’ve got no moral high ground whatsoever.

And Tanya can get to fuck too. These girls are so deluded. Shouting the blokes down, just taking a vile tone to any questions / comments lol. Can see right through it. The nerve of her saying “are you going to let Martin get in the way of us” - bitch you brought that poor motherfucker INTO THE VILLA LOL. You’ve literally recoupled and got him directly involved.

So many spasticos this year

This is the worst group of girls since I started watching in season 3 :joy: maybe the first time the guys are better :joy:

Yeah, these girls are dicks.

They’ll all be hoping to earn money from endorsements after the show. But a big thing about that is appealing to the target audience - women! And women just don’t like them.

Tanya and Olivia mainly. They’re coming across so badly. Their reactions to the videos at movie night were ridiculous. Olivia especially - Maxwell did nothing wrong and she STILL found fault. But even Tanya’s reaction was silly. After what she did, how can she get annoyed at Shaq about a conversation that happened so long ago it took me a minute to even remember who Zara was.

Also, Olivia has this queen bee thing going on, where the other girls blindly follow her and tell her she is right all the time. When really they should be saying to her “Oi bitch, why you chatting about us all behind our backs?!”


Tanya refused to accept any blame or culpability for her actions. Mind blowing that she recoupled and thinks she has the right to have an attitude like she does. Shaq needs to be rid of this girl.

I’m sure there will be some blowback on Olivia for saying what she did about the other girls. Talking shit behind her mates backs and has the audacity to call Ron a fake friend.

Hope they both get voted out at the next available opportunity

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This current season is Arsenal 2020/21 in reality tv form

A few good episodes (games) but all in a really forgettable and boring season.

After seeing Sunday’s preview… please god save me from watching another episode dominated by Claudia crying about Casey :yawning_face::yawning_face::yawning_face:

The new bombshell is quite nice tbf tho.

Surely, surely, they will let us vote after Sunday’s ep?!

Vote is finally open :partying_face:

Hopefully we can finally get rid of some dross now. Which this year is basically all of them.

Get Olivia and Tanya aaaaaaat

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Claudia has no shame. Back the fuck off you psycho :joy:. You would think they were married 20 years the way she gets at Casey ffs. Lucky escape for him as Rosie is an upgrade lol

Yeah I didn’t understand her point at all when she was screaming at Casey at the beach club. Maniac.

And was surprised to see Liv and Maxwell bottom. Do we think she’ll be petty and vote off Kai? :sweat_smile:

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Screaming. Why did they tell us who got dumped in the aftersun preview before they showed it on the episode :joy::joy::joy::joy:

We seem to be discussing anywhere but here :grin:

What brought you round to my way of thinking?! :grin: