Reality TV

To be fair, we’re the ones who changed it. The original Dutch version used famous people too.

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Maya Jama is definitely better than Laura Whitmore. She’s not as robotic for a start. Laura always behaved like she was on a military mission and was not interested in any kind of banter.


Oh damn, really.

Just another example of British superiority then. We just do it better :man_shrugging:

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I can’t watch foreign reality tv. Just can’t get into it. I can only watch the British ones :joy:

Maybe it’s snobby of me but I can’t stand it haha

Give Aussies a go mate, they’re basically just us, but 15 odd degrees warmer.

Married at First Sight Australia is one of the very, very best reality shows, you’d almost certainly love it mate. Way better than the UK version.


Love Island already takes up 4 months of the year. I can’t watch anymore reality tv haha. Plus you have the one ep a week ones like The Apprentice etc.

Also cant believe they filmed the American one in the same castle in the Scottish Highlands :joy: what a trek do they not have castles in America :joy:

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That Tanyel is my sister’s hairdresser. She’s got fake everything btw, like the whole menu lol


Completely stupid concept the whole show but it’s fucking hilarious.

Missed the last one I think but it’s 100 times better than the UK version.

Edit: also just seen the big brother US people on the traitors are Cody and rachel :face_vomiting: one utterly boring gets by on his looks and the other uh…just annoying :rofl:

Maybe they just liked the ready made set so they don’t have to do any of the work themselves. They’ve done all the same challenges as well - pushing the different sized/value barrels along the route, splitting into teams and escaping from that cabin, in the church with the congregation having the gold etc.

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Will‘s dancing :see_no_evil:

Will’s dancing is class :joy:

From the first two episodes. I think Lana is the best girl and she is :fire:

Ron is the best guy.

Lana and Ron are a couple aswell :joy: they look good together

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They won’t last. Lana already been making moves on Tom. And she basically said as soon as someone better comes in she’ll sack off Ron.

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Ron’s head is turning for new girl Zara. :joy: I don’t blame him tbf as she’s v pretty and confident but still think Lana has my top spot so far :joy:

Can’t bring myself to do winter Love Island this year. The series takes far too long, I can’t do this twice a year lol

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Ngl this season so far is pretty boring anyway. Hopefully tonight’s re-coupling results cause a bit of drama.

Catching up on the last few eps as the winter one you can’t watch every day like the summer one as football is on at the same time :joy:

Go on farmer Will getting the hottest girl in the villa by default!

I really like Kai and Anna-May together. The girl he was with originally with the proper london accent is to much for me :joy:

Yeah that girl is @Midfield_Maestro ’s mate

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I wish Lana liked Will. They are so good together lol and he really likes her

Ron will mug her off.