Raul Sanllehi (sacked)

@Bavin - plot twist: Celtic WERE sure about the structure of the deal

So what you’re saying is that they are now unsure about the structure of the deal?

Basically we told Celtic we were cash strapped then went and got Pepe for 75m the next day :sweat_smile:

Don’t blame Celtic at all. First of all business is business; secondly Tierney was worth it!


I wish we could bring Raul back so we could sack him again for the steaming pile of shit he’s left us.

His 72m flagship signing can’t manage to stay on the pitch either because he can’t use his brain enough to justify getting selected or if he does he can’t use it to stay on the pitch. Literally shit for brains - complete fucking stronzo.

Kept one shit manager for too long then takes ages to run his selection process for the new one who’s now trying his best to be worse than his predecessor.

What a fucking mess but don’t expect he cares that much as he sits in his multi million home.

Didn’t really do any better than Gazidis

When the fuck will the Kroenkes sort this out and hire some leadership who know how to run a football club? Not optimistic Vinai will be any better.