Rapid Decline Vs WBA (PL)

Sunday 09 May 2021
:clock7: 19:00

  • North London Cannons win
  • Big Sam’s tricky baggies win
  • Draw

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We are so pathetic who even cares… Just got tossed out of Euro by Emery… haha, you can’t write this sort of tragic comedy

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Where is the “I don’t give a flying monkey, I’m going to be busy washing this shit club out of my hair” option?


Shoutout to @Stroller his name gets another outing :raised_hands:

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I thought we were transitioning into Rapid Vienna forum for a sec.

Did u just make a South pacific reference?

Has there ever been a less important match for Arsenal? Pre-season fixtures have felt more consequential than this

I don’t know, did I?

Look at us win all remaining matches now so we can finish fucking 7th. Progress from last season’s 8th right?

Ah and people were worried we wouldn’t have any European football :sweat_smile:

Do we get European football for 7th?
Can we just decline the offer? :rofl:

Yeah I just don’t really care anymore, 4 meaningless league games to come before 38 meaningless league games next season.

Arsenal 1-0 WBA.

Fourth option: who gives a fucking fuck

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Hope fans do United style protests every week and get every one of our matches cancelled until KSE fuck off.


0-0 to West Brom.

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“We didn’t lose 5 nil, this Arteta guy has greatly improved this defense”

Kind of game Fat Sam relishes.

0-1 loss.

If the fucker is still here, I want the other team to win and give him more humiliation

This is honestly a great strategy.


I mean league’s done so why not.