Interest confirmed by Charles Watts as well

I feel like we’ve been linked with him a lot before…

Sell Pepe any first offer we get just so we get decent amount of time to push for this deal

Trying for Gnabry makes alot more sense than going for this guy - Athletic reported earlier we wanted to protect the progression of Martinelli and Saka

Doubt we beat out Barca anyways

Can we just swap him for Pepe? :slight_smile:

I don’t think Barcelona want to throw £50m at him that’s the real issue. And if so it’s contingent on selling FDJ to United and even that’s based on them convincing him to leave lol

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Lewa also seems like the higher priority and its not clear they can do both even if they sell FDJ.

Fab stated Barca have been working on this deal since Feb and that the payment structure is the issue. Barca will shift some dudes

Honestly feels like a typical case of Arsenal being used to pressure a bigger club to pay up lol

We’ll see how this plays out


Pepe plus 25m is ideal imo

Yeah I’d absolutely love this guy as one of our wing options, be utterly stunned if it happened though.

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Very little chance of this happening. When he leaves Leeds it will be for sunny Spain. Barcelona will sell De Jong to United and then forward some of that cash over to Leeds.

EDIT: :ok_hand:

I feel like 90% of the reason that I would love to see us sign Raphina is that it would leave Barcelona seething.

It does feel like we’re in peak silly season now though


Yeah I think realistically as a club we just don’t have the ££ or pull to land players like Raphinha and SMS.

Definitely some pie in the sky silly season stuff going on now.


Yeh when I woke up to those rumours this morning I was kind of blown away at the prospect but now they’ve settled for a bit it feels like we have two very clear sets of deals- stuff like Jesus and Tielemans which feel like we’re probably very far along with personal terms and then the likes of Scammaca, Milinkovic Savic, Rapinha which just seem too crazy.

As you said earlier the windows open one day and our name is already getting tossed around like a fucking chew toy lol, it’s going to be a long summer.

My only hope is it’s a little smoke and mirrors from us too and we are using all this lunacy as misdirection to get a couple of interesting deals done. A little like how we used Madders last summer to get Odegaard done.

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I think we can afford it (and I mean in a practical sense, I think the club would easily splash £60m on some SMS level player), I think we can’t pull them because we’re to shit.

I’m not sure we’re a top… 15 ? club in Europe rn and we’re not in the CL, there is almost zero reason these players would tie themselves up at our club and join our unreliable project, over famous big clubs who are in the CL.

I mean it happens, but it’s rare.

We might have to get back in the top tier first by doing what we’ve done so far, pick players just a tad bit below these guys maybe, and work our way up, secure CL etc.

I’m thinking specifically Milinkovic-Savic here, he is phenomenal imo but if he wants to move I expect another 5 top tier clubs would pounce on him and I don’t see us fighting all of them off. And it probably goes for Raphina as well. Hope I’m wrong though :slightly_smiling_face:


Raphinha, Martinelli and Jesus at the carpet. Do they allow samba drums into The Emirates?

As long as it ain’t vuvuzelas, we can all sleep easy, son.

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I want.


If you gave me a choice between this absolute baller or pigeon fucker Richarlison it’s pretty obvious who everyone would take


In fairness they both kind of look like they fuck pigeons

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