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Nah I’m pretty in favour of technology (goalline tech is pretty brilliant really) in football and despite my sepcific reservations about VAR itself and some/most of them coming to pass I still think overall it’s been a success in this world cup.

And I’ve been known to be pretty ornery at times myself. :smiley:


It’s very telling that the longer the World Cup went on, the less VAR had to be used.


Gary Neville in a passionate attack on plans to sell Wembley Stadium.


He’s right, it shouldn’t be sold.

I’m in favour of taxing the PL’s wealth and using to fund sports project all over the country


But isn’t the PL a private organization, I don’t think the FA has the power to actually change how money is distributed.


They don’t have the power directly but the FA, as the governing authority in England, oversees certain regulatory and administrative duties in relation to English clubs.

They can raise fees are certain duties/rewards if they so wish. That’s what Gary was talking about. That kind of practice is unheard of because no one expected English football to generate such wealth.

I’d be in favour of coming up with mechanism designed to siphon money from the biggest clubs transactions with the intention of reinvesting directly to grassroots sports.

The Govt could also use legislation to compel the PL is give a greater amounts to grassroots endeavorers, it dirty tactics for sure but there are many ways the Govt can stifle the PL operation tbh in order to get them to give more


haha so this is why he was trending


Selling Wembley to fund grassroots projects sounds like some Tory bullshit. Selling the lie that it’s for everyone’s good when it’s just a money grubbing opportunity to privatise shit. GTFO here with that bullshit you sly cunts.


It’s just a really bizarre one. If they were that desperate for cash and happy to lose the stadium why even build it? Have the FA’s finances really changed that much in 15 years?

You hear comparisons to Germany but is our grassroots football so badly funded in comparison to Brazil, France, Spain, Croatia or anyone to have a half decent team in recent years?

I guess if they could get a guarantee that they could play there for eternity it may not matter who owned it but the whole thing seems questionable. It sounds too good to be true from the FA side and I don’t really get what the other guy is going to get out of it for his NFL team that he couldn’t get with some kind of deal with the FA.


For a owner who trying to get his NFL team further embedded in the London market (which is ironic because most Londoners have no idea who the Jacksonville Jaguars are) it’s incredibly useful buying the stadium because he removes the FA from key decision making processes completely.

That’s leverage right there and it’s a smart power play by Khan to solidify his position amongst the owners in a key emerging market for the NFL if he own the stadium outright.


Cool illustrations from https://twitter.com/EntireDesign_


We’ve just apponted the guy who created candy crush haha


Everton have Angry Birds as sleeve sponsor, soon we will have Candy Crush :sunglasses:



Is this guy meant to be any good, what is his background in this stuff is he well respected in his field. Apart from supposedly being the guy that has something to do with Candy crush, or is that just BS?


I’m not sure that would stand up in court but there is an opportunity to get that money by making it easier for players from outside the UK to get in post Brexit than it otherwise might be.




I noticed that yesterday.
When I first read it I saw the score was 1-1, then looked at the penalties and it was the famous,

East Fife 4 Forfar 5 :grinning:



Iker’s not wrong but it’s impossible for anything else to result of such a performance on such a stage. Terrible for the guy but it is what it is, and you’ll have more success pissing in the wind than getting people to not talk about it for a while. Probably shouldn’t decide to be a GK if you’re not ready for such an eventuality. In the end he’s made millions of euros as a specialist where he wouldn’t have made a cent otherwise (as a footballer), he’s made a good career decision but it comes with this potential eventuality, gotta take the good with the bad.