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Maybe the goat tweet llelelelelel :joy::joy::joy:






Another club changes their badge to a modern monstrosity.

From this:

to this:



Looks American




Lille change their badge all the time ffs! Was only a few years ago this was it


Yeah, I remember that one, even that’s better than this new one. I’d be pissed, the one they’ve just changed from has a nice classy look. This new one looks as Bl1nk said Americany.


Their badge was a modern monstrosity in the first place lol. The new one isn’t even much worse


It’s modern but not a monstrosity for me. Their new one looks like something someone would’ve made on clipart in year 3.

I dread to think what ours would look like if we decided to change it now. :smiley:





All this talk about England v Belgium, playing to lose and the group perhaps being decided by yellow cards…

Well Mark Halsey has told a story showing what upstanding and honest members of the community referees are.

A player asked him to book him so he’d be suspended for the next game, and Halsey obliged…


Atleast he is honest :laughing: Wonder who that potato head player was, because there are a million reasons to get a yellow card and I’m sure he could figure out one himself.


A potato head player who often got a yellow card, who played for a massive club, and is stupid enough not to be able to think of a reason to get a yellow card?

I can’t imagine Roo that might be :grinning:


Jorge Valdano quickly becoming one of my favourite football writers. He dispels many of the myths that some statistics in football perpetuate



Keepers ball that :unai: :grin: