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Hahaha shit, pretty strong stuff


I don’t get it. But I am notoriously un-woke.


Ooft fuck me, going in HARD.

He’s not wrong about Wright and the Sun tbf but coming from Stan…


Very pathetic from Stan.

I may not read the paper but it’s better for diverse representation in the media having Wright working for the Sun.


An “Uncle Tom” also known as a “house nigger” was basically a black slave that got to live and work in better conditions in the slave owners houses and would subsequently be more submissive and supportive of the white slave masters.

Being an Uncle Tom is extremely derogatory and something that black people use as a racial slur against each other particularly in cases when blacks don’t take a “typically” black political stance on things.

So yeah calling him a Tom is really harsh and really quite racist ironically.

Edit: see Samual Jackson in Django Unchained


Funny enough it’s always the hugely ignorant backs that use it to beat other blacks, that don’t fall in a particular stereotype.


I mean yeah, using it in this context is excessive and it’s a term that has been abused extensively in recent times.

But some people who let themselves be used as the minority face for a load of BS that will ultimately harm their communities, that will whore themselves out for people who have the worst of intentions, for personal profit, will unoubtedly piss those communities off.

And imo they reserve the right to cuss those people out and call them out for their sellout behaviour.


I think it’s a term that just shouldn’t be used because it engenders serious “otherness” between the races and I can’t see how it would ever be conducive to any matter in any context, racially or politically or socially.


Maybe. I can see how many people would think that.

Journalist Sunny Hundal who I follow on Twitter says he hates the term coconut too, which I guess is a similar term for the brown equivalent and his argument is persuasive.

So I see where you’re coming from.

But minorities that shill for fascism really get on my tits. Guys like Raheem Kassam, I mean what is he if not that, you know?


God, Thank goodness I am not black.
It’s just too much all this.

There is so little self identity and everything is about the skin colour.


Or Oreo or whatever.

The problem is that it’s similar to whole “don’t act so white” where acting white is equated with doing well in school, getting good grades, not doing drugs, not getting involved in gangs etc.

Yeah because like that’s a fucking bad thing.

Also minorities should be allowed to hold whatever political belief they want without having to face racial abuse from it. If a black dude is a conservative and supports Trump or whatever that’s fine.


Agreed but I don’t think that’s why they get slandered.

And i.o minorities can hd whatever political opinion they want, but they shouldn’t surprised if they get abused if they hold one that is in itself racist against their own race.

People like Sheriff Clarke and Jeanine Pirro are both minorities that use racist language all the time, and they should be called out on it.

I also feel they are used as ‘one of the good ones’ to defend racism when it occurs, by playing it down. I think blacks and Lebanese are entitled to be annoyed when these people let themselves be used to give validation on talking points that are harmful to many of them.


Yeah I feel ya and I know you said the Uncle Tom slur has been abused in recent times which I feel like it has. Any time a minority critiques their own culture or community they get called it which is unfair.


The only problem is as a black person you get shunned for having conservative views; hence being called Uncle Tom etc.

Even in England I black well spoken and educated, other black people would talk to me and say you talk really white, or are you some Oreo, stop trying to act white; the list goes on and on.

It’s like dispensing with crap stereotype is not allowed; but it gets worse when you don’t cry racism at every thing, and question the community.


Wait, so all this shit happened because the guy that smacks women about said he can’t get work due to being controversial?

Get fucked Stan.


Ian Wright was a good player, a league and cup winner and an England international at a competitive time and he’s at least likeable.

Stan Collymore was a nothing player. I don’t understand why he’s had such a long media career. He’s ridiculously irritating.




Sign her up.


wow, talk about brutal she is getting her knives solidly stuck in his back aint she lol…but i guess she feels what we all feel.


Lol Leverkusen with the banter