Random Football Stuff


Rent boy.


It’s a little random but I enjoyed this


What the…

Not that people being married to more than one person is unheard of, but marrying 2 different people at the same time sure sounds a bit strange…



If you have money…


Ronnie showboating off field too.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: This banged on twitter


Anyone else going to be injecting History TV?

Two weeks of football programmes in the lead up to the World Cup.

I’m currently watching “Return To Turin: Italia 90” (Schillachi with hair!)

They’re showing lots of programmes like that every day, as well as football films, best World Cup moments and player head to heads like Zidane v Platini

I think i’ll be stuck to the sofa for a while



Look at me kiss




legends match is on now on arsenal.com


Campbell off injured after 5 minutes :rofl:

But thankfully we have a world class replacement in Cygan


Live stream available to UK only

Fuck you Arsenal


apparently there might be the recording put on after…nothing to write home about anyway, bit crap tbh.


The GoPro replays are kinda cool though.


Wonder if this gonna be brought into the game wordlwide


I’d like to give Mustafi a green card


If this doesn’t sound like a corrupt operation I don’t know what does.


Starting to become a big fan of Big Nev


He was a Ballon D’or nomination in the past was old big Nev. Fantastic goalkeeper.


Honestly one of the best things on twitter mate, the amount of work and support he is giving good organisations is brilliant. You can tell he is a lovely man and all round top human.