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This guy joins as director of football development from 1 August


Can’t go wrong if you go Dutch.

Top appointment.




:snake::snake::snake: Central

I’ll let Flamini off


Jens gets a pass too :wink:



Feels like one of the greatest midfield of modern times not to win something. Fuck me they produced some breathtaking football.

If I stop and think about it its still upsetting that Fabregas ended up at fucking Chelsea. You know that when he was with us he clearly fully despised them and what they stood for, under Mourinho particularly


He didn’t even let us get a fee for him, the cunt.


Yossi is there. Why is Nuri there though?

EDIT: Underestimated just how long Nuri’s been a BVB first teamer. :grimacing:


Corr look at Rozza’s belly in that picture!

Nice to see them all together again.

I didn’t start following Arsenal obsessively until the 08/09 season so I’m pretty gutted to have missed out on what was a pretty special season for us despite the lack of trophies.


As much as I think I’d like to hate some of these guys, I love pretty much all of them still.


Wenger’s massive shitness made my Van Persie hate subside quite a bit…


RvP is still dead to me. Hleb, Flam and Fab I have forgiven. (Like they’d ever give a F :laughing:)


GOLAZO in the Rosicky game. :cech:




Oh my god that’s the best thing ever!

Look how happy Rozza is!

My heart swells


I’ve seen Jens let in worse.


I wish football was actually this. :slight_smile:


Wish Rosicky all the best for whatever he pursues,
Hope his son inherits his skills because lord knows we need some of that in today’s game.