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Based on world cups alone and going on my knowledge of football history from way back my picks in no particular order would be:
Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Romario, Eusebio and Fontaine.

Think we’d have to throw Muller in that list too for his exploits in 1970 and his win in 74


They are definitely the best players to have played in the World Cup, despite Cruyff never winning it.
Beckenbaur, Muller, Rossi and Zidane also deserve a mention.

I always felt like Zidane bad so many dud games at the World Cup but had those superb games that glossed over the really bad ones he had

Don’t think he did well early in 2006. Stunk out 2002. And only won best player in 1998 for the double goal in the final when R9 rightly deserved the award.

I kind of based it on their standing in the game and whether they took this to the world cup and fulfilled their reputation and what they achieved for their teams.
As @SRCJJ says I wouldn’t put Zidane amongst this due his suspension and inconsistency.

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That’s fair enough but I’m a bit biased with Zidane because he’s one of my favourite players. :grinning:

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No doubting his quality just wanted to keep a small number of players, i mean i could have also mentioned Platini, Beckenbauer, Zico etc the list could have gone on


Seems a good talent

I’ve just noticed the venue for the home leg of the Italy vs England game for the euro 2024 qualifiers is being played at Napoli’s ground.
For any England fans here thinking of making the trip you’re probably gonna be in the majority, I always wonder if many fans from Napoli actually support Italy whenever the national team play there.