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After flying the teams there.

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Add a little bit of HGH…;).

  • start early
  • shit on everyone through yoof ranks
  • end up taller than Ronaldo
  • still quicker than Messi
  • ??? (this step is unclear)
  • sign for Arsenal

Fifa should not permit a single entity to own multiple football clubs. It creates a clear conflict of interest and distorts fair competition


Not that I disagree with the principle of what you are saying but I don’t see how FIFA could stop it. The clubs are all legal entities in their own rights and spread across different countries and even continents.

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I don’t know about the legality but every FA around should mandate ownership of a foreign club is not permitted or limit the number of shares someone can purchase to 15%.

I think all PL clubs would pretty much be owned by a multitude of investment and pension funds in that scenario and be run mainly for profit. Maybe that would be OK or maybe it would suck balls, I dunno.

Like I say, don’t disagree but it’s just that the ship sailed long ago in reality.

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The FIGC in Italy has given De Laurentis 2 years to sell either Napoli or Bari due to new laws they have passed.
This only works to stop one individual or company owning more than one club in the same country, but as Fifa is a worldwide entity maybe they can take this on board and see what’s fair or not.

It’s a good job the fork is in the shallow end.
You wouldn’t be able to see it otherwise.

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We would’ve won the world cup of not for that

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It’s coming home, Craig, it’s coming. Just be patient.

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The English Patient

You can’t go with that. Gwyneth Paltrow released a candle called “This smells like my vagina”. So you can’t be doing that.


Popped up on my feed. It’s a great watch with many top goals from top players.


Ffs this sounds ugly

Such a good world cup! Euro 2004 is also a favourite of mine

Different class of players then


Still better rated than his time at United. :laca2:


haha should see the reviews…he oughtta be embarrassed, but he will just think people are just hatin’


Pogba will one day retire and realise no one gives a shit about him.