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He’d be my runner-up behind Lewandowski. Not sure how they factor in winning things though.

I just keep thinking imagine how good he would’ve been if he had this attitude, kept himself in this shape, both physically and mentally, in his default “prime” years, 2010 -2018 roughly…

He was a superb player already at Lyon, never really kicked on after moving to Madrid… Until the last couple of years really. In my eyes, twice the talent Lewandowski is, and just look at what Lewandowski has done in the last decade.

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I thought he did brilliantly to adapt his game to knowing he was playing second fiddle to Ronaldo through those years.

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He did a great job, absolultely underrated throughout all those years just because he wasn’t clinical enough in front of the goal, but did a great job in the build up… Bit still, he should’ve much much more, and he would’ve if he had the attutude, the fitness and the sharpness he has these days… And first of all looking at talent and the abilities he was showing at Lyon. I still whink he never fullfilled his potential, no matter all the titles he won. Only saying what a talent he was.


Yeah I think it’s a travesty the lack of progression Benzema made in his 20s. Never seemed to push on then ended up being the supporting actor in BBC and making the perfect foil.

He’s definitely shone in the years since CR7 left and you’d only wonder what kind of numbers he could have put up if he played like this 4-5 years ago.

Think the exclusion from the national team hurt him a lot too.

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I’m just disappointed that the blackmailing, underage prostitute using scumbag had as good a career as he did. Still brings me joy that he had to watch a relative clogger like Giroud win a world cup in his place, can only imagine him sat there watching Giroud fail to score or barely even have a shot, would love to have been a fly on his living room wall lol




Any ideas about this mate…

Watch: Glentoran keeper McCarey sees red for lashing out at team-mate Burns - BBC Sport

Seems a tad strange, ffs…



Nah that’s fucked up.

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You’re out of your jurisdiction here

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I offered/claimed no inside knowledge. :slight_smile:

I’m only kidding, you’ve probably seen more NI league games than me, I saw one when I was like ten and it nearly put me off the sport.

Mainly just the goals as presented by Jackie Fullerton weekly each Saturday back in the day.

I thought this was about @Joshua definition of the use of pashun.:upside_down_face:
Irish connection passed me by. Not joking either.

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Not surprising that all Irish teams look the same to you damn English


Pashun evaluation is indeed my jurisdiction.

I’m sure an idiot like Roy Keane would applaud this specimen. Nothing says “I’m a man and really care but am unable to express my emotions” like assaulting your co-worker.

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Stumbled across this picture of three young bosses in my feed this morning :muscle: