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That’s reasonable that.

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£30 to watch Scotland play San Marino. And that’s why Scottish football is in the shitter


Also, most of your players are shite.

Don’t worry, it’s the same over here :smiley:

If ever a team could do with stat padding it’s Scotland. Next few games have to be used that way for your play offs.



Genius casting :joy:


Top dollar stuff

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@InvincibleDB10 rumours circling that old Celtic, Barca (and for a short stint United) swede Henrik Larsson together with old Liverpool prettyboy Dirk Kuyt will be sharing management of Southend soon, thoughts? :grin: (Henrik has a pretty poor record of managing a few Swedish clubs with little success lol)

I went to watch Southend get spanked 4-1 at home yesterday. I might have to get a ticket for Larsson’s first home match in charge lol


That would be a stupid move for Kuyt. There is an interim job waiting for him at Feyenoord. Stam is an terrible appointment.

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Mans a genius, I need to get back into the game

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I think it would be great for a small club like Southend to have a legend like Larsson.
It would certainly increase attendances and give them a much needed boost.

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i think the beachball goal was up there with this one too.

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Don’t forget that Larsson won Barca the CL final against us. I like the man but I can never forgive him for that.

There was even a rumour that him Kuyt and Bergkamp were buying Southend. Don’t know much about the reliability of that rumour, but enough for a few papers to print it.

What the fuck?

I can actually recognise all of them haha. But the bottom right, Keown and RVN is far and away the best.

Not sure why Eduardo tackle is on there though. That’s tasteless.


I assume the Shearer one is just Shearer scoring a goal generally? Was there a particularly significant one I’m forgetting?

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I think the significant one is that time he put two hands in the air, and not one. Back in the days when Premier League players weren’t afraid to be bold and creative.


Is he not the PL Record scorer and Newcastle’s?

Probably that was the goal he got the record