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There isn’t a thread to just post arsenal articles like this. So here is a thread :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a great read on how Arsenal have changed since we won the FA Cup in May 2017

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Great article this.


:joy: Decent read this

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Carra has it spot on. We have made such a mess of things over the last three seasons.

Another good article this time from James Olley

Another good read on this situation

Great article thanks @Calum heck I didn’t even know this guy existed. I have never heard of him. Gives a good insight of what is going on commercially…was talking about intel I don’t remember them being on the partnership list unless it has literally just happened.

Edit: looks like we have added bet construct and intel quite recently as partners…look to be motoring now

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Interesting read on Lauren’s upbringing and how he could’ve ended up at Roma, instead of Arsenal.

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For me one of the most unspoken and underrated players of that generation of Wenger teams.

Brilliant player and model professional.

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I remember reading that he was the hardest player in that Invincibles team.
To put it politely, he was built like an outside toilet.

Before that it was Luzhny that was the hard man of the defence.

Every team needs players like that but looking at some of our defenders now, some of them seem more interested in fashion and their hair style than keeping a clean sheet.

Sorry @Mysty has already posted this but there is an interesting quiz at the bottom.

I only got 18 out of 22 :pensive:

Absolutely spot on this :clap:

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Not quite an article but a good thread :slight_smile: