Race to Worldclass - Q4 2016 | No Rules | Pick one U21 & one O21


Go with Solanke way before Jeff or Loftus Cheek.

Burgundy is going to win with Kylian though. I also paused to choose him because he has 11 games. You fucked me, @Trion. :triumph:


You’re probably right, dont follow youth football, but I’ll go with the Arsenal man, Jeff it is. At least he might get a few starts and he’s a big black French lad with good technique, probably the next Vieira




Too easy, shame on you! :grinning:


Since the rules are being so blatantly broken I’m gonna go with two more guys from the MLS. Jordan Morris (ewww i know :tired_face:) and Cyle Larin, a canadian lad.


Well, we won’t have a winner for another 3-4 years but at least we’ll have a loser.


Yeah well the chances of anyone from north america becoming world class is a long shot. However Pulisic, Morris, and Larin are our best bets tbh.


There’s already one world class Morris from North America, might as well make it a double.


I like the way yous are discussing “winners” in this thread. That’s cute. :slight_smile:




One of my favourite prospects.
He has however played in CL, Europa & their respective qualification rounds. Also is member of Croatian National team, was on bench for Euros.
Albeit he is long way off being a proven entity, he should at this moment not qualify (even if i ignore his 64 appearances for Zagreb).

Yeah, but very mature for his age.

Sorry man, This is first time so hopefully next time all loopholes will be covered long before the list is drafted.


You can have multiple players but one player in one draft.
There will be drafts conducted on quarterly basis, so next time people can keep an eye on talents & not have to choose a player on short notice.
Please pick one.


Gabriel Boschilia
app:1 minutes:68 goals:1 assist:0
Currently at Monaco


No worries mate my main picks (Mbappe) already taken anyway and Gnabry’s just over the mark to so I’m just clutching at straws right now, a little tempted to go with either Niklas Dorsch or Adrian Bernabe but I’m gonna bide my time.


Hassan Cabulo
Milton Fredricksen
Shunji Takechi

All will make it big real soon !


Pick just one player guys -_-


soooo picky !


Jeff Adelaide


Yes, I forgot to list, as i was busy but you got him. Congrats :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

@Lister86 will come back to you on Boscilla. can’t find time to give a quick stats check.


Wonder how many of you googled for The Ultimate FM 2016 Wonderkids Shortlist :cop: