Race to Worldclass - Q4 2016 | No Rules | Pick one U21 & one O21

Just a simple & long game.

Pick a young player who is relatively unknown/unproven and hope he makes it big before any other player listed in this thread.
You cannot pick a player already picked by other poster.
You can pick only one player per draft.

There will be scheduled draft every quarter(I will use Calendar model so Q1:Jan-Mar Q2:Apr-Jun, Q3:Jul-Sep, Q4:Oct-Dec)

Q3 2016 : Ongoing
Q4 2016: 15th Oct
Q1 2017: 15th Jan
Q2 2017: 15th May
Q3 2017: 15th Aug
and so on.
15th Jan because that’s when mid season break for leagues like Bundesliga ends & their preseason gives good insight for youngsters they may play in second half of season.
The reason I picked May instead of Apr is because clubs play youngsters at tail end of season.
The reason I picked Aug instead of Jun, so you can scout during preseason.

Q3 2016 has not followed below rules on strict basis.

New Rules

  1. Any player picked from Top 15 European leagues should have no more than 10games(or 900mins) under his belt.
  1. Brazil & Argentinian League players should have no more than 20games(or 1800mins)
  2. Players picked from other leagues can have no more than 40games(or 3600mins). If however he has played from his National team or in CL/EL/Copa Libertadores/Tournaments of similar stature
    , the cut off will reduce to 20games(or 1800mins)
  3. If a player has moved leagues, then we will improvise & use pro rata to decide if he is eligible.

Definition of Worldclass is vague, so I need your suggestions as to how we will decide which player made it big & who is a statistical delusion; be it a poll or FM/FIFA rankings.

Poster[spoiler]______________[/spoiler]Player[spoiler]______________[/spoiler]Stats at the time of listing

Persona[spoiler]__________[/spoiler]Felix Passlack [RB][spoiler]__________________[/spoiler]6-0-0-438

BI1nk[spoiler]___________[/spoiler]Kasper Dolberg [CF][spoiler]_________________[/spoiler]8-3-1-358

CunningLinguist[spoiler]________[/spoiler]Benjamin Henrichs [RB][spoiler]__________[/spoiler]13-0-2-819

Maxi_Gooner__________Lorenzo Callegari [MID]__________0-0-0-0

Arsenal4thetreble[spoiler]________[/spoiler]Jonathan Leko [RW][spoiler]__________[/spoiler]9-0-1-571

Burgundy[spoiler]______________[/spoiler]Kylian Mbappe [LW][spoiler]__________[/spoiler]15-1-2-537

PPB[spoiler]_________________[/spoiler]Christian Pulisic [AM][spoiler]__________[/spoiler]13-2-0-523

AbouCuellar_______________Sergio Diaz [CF]__________0-0-0-0**

morrisc_____________Bartlomiej Dragowski[GK]__________0-0-0-0**

JakeyBoy_________________Donyell Malen[FWD]__________0-0-0-0

*Stats are listed as Appearances-Goals-Assist-Minutes played
**Have played significant minutes in lesser leagues


Felix Passlack. Not sure if he’s even rated. :arteta:


Pulisic has played 13. The cunt.


Kasper Dolberg.


Bah, 10 is a filthy low limit.

Benjamin Henrichs
10 BL games (inferior league, so they don’t count as much, amiright?)


Heard of him for quite some time but he played only 4 mins & 14mins in his first two matches and 11’ in Europa; so he should qualify despite playing 13 times so far.

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Marcus Rashford.
I’m not sure if he fits the criteria but I think he has only started around ten games for Man U.
For me he is the most exciting young striker I have seen in the PL.

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11 PL, 8 FA, 3 Europa, 2 Euros before start of this season.
Would be unfair advantage to allow this one in, as he seems pretty certain to have a decent career at this point.
Apologies man. Pick someone else.

Just occurred to me that Topo would be in his element with this thread. Shame. :wink:


Lorenzo Callegari

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[quote=“Trion, post:7, topic:675, full:true”]

11 PL, 8 FA, 3 Europa, 2 Euros before start of this season.
Would be unfair advantage to allow this one in, as he seems pretty certain to have a decent career at this point.
Apologies man. Pick someone else.
[/quote]Fair enough.
It was worth a try.
But he will become world class, or as near to it as possible.
I can almost guarantee it.

Jonathan Leko

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@Bl1nk @Craigie need help creating/embedding tables.
With my current method it is too much hardwork.

Tables aren’t supported on most forums, unfortunately. Mobile compatibility an issue too.

I think your best option is to create a table in Word (or any text editor) and post a screenshot of it in the thread.

Great thread by the way :slight_smile:

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Sigh. Tables are awesome.

10 games (or 900mins)

CunningLinguist Benjamin Henrichs [RB] 13-0-2-819

When Germans moan, Concessions are made. :bellerin:

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Kylian Mbappe, has played 15 games in all comps but only 571 minutes in total.


Christian Pulisic


lol was just about to say him, and write “in before Burgundy”. Oh well. I’ll take Sergio Díaz, Topo would be proud of me to choose a player from an untraditional south american country like Paraguay.

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Shit, just realised that you would have opted for Pulisic , had I been clear about criterias.

Was thinking of starts when I said 10 matches and didn’t realise young players could easily have 15-20 with mere minutes per match.

Shall I ask PPB to make a change?

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Na, It’s cool. I’ll stick with German Bellerin. I’m loyal like that, A one-club, One player, One username kinda person.

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