Race to Worldclass - Q4 2016 | No Rules | Pick one U21 & one O21


Tough luck Persona… My first choice was Gnabry, but he’s just over 1000 minutes before this season, so I thought why not steal your player before you decide otherwise.


Well done, mate!:smiley:


Like 10 games ever? Can I pick Dragowski the gk for fiorentina?


Haha, You highlighted another concern that i had.
concern that if a player is playing in inferior leagues which very few fans follow, then we should have allowed more games for them.

That said Dragowski has well over 50 games in Polish league, so i don’t think even with league concession, we should consider him.

That said he is a goalkeeper, which are big gambles; so am not that sure.

Would be great if you could choose someone else or hold on till others pitch in with their opinion.

@Everyone, Should the criterias be lenient for players plying in inferior leagues?


Could just make it simple and say 18 and under…


I thought of that but then this game will last several years before there is a winner.


That’s already gonna happen lol, probably 50% of the posters won’t be still around when there is a winner. Every player picked so far is 18 or under. If you want a game that will resolve within 2 years or so you need to open up more to the Sané, Asensio, Dembele age group/number of games played group.


Donyell Malen.

Because I know fuck all about the up and comers of world football.


This is dumb let me know when this is set up properly.


But there remains an option to select someone of age 21 & above, thereby increasing his chances to win.
I played similar game last season in May when i chose Dahoud who was 19 at the time; and now I lead the table(we have ratings that decide the ranking).
Having a criteria of 18 or below completely takes away the choice of finding a gem at later age section.

Anyway, i guess I will simply go with ‘unproven/unknown’ factor.
Sergio Diaz despite playing 60 games for his previous club, remains an unproven entity & at Castilla; so should qualify.

Similarly @morrisc311 Dragowski is also added because despite his significant minutes with Polish league, as he is basically a reserve with Fiorentina.




Can I take Serge Gnabry since he has less than 900 minutes?


He has 1097mins.



Come on Titou, I don’t even need to check.
That guy has been playing in CL since he was 16.
He must have 100 or so appearance for his club across all competition.


Aha thought I’d try my luck he’s still playing in Jupiler Pro League after all.


Quite surprising actually.
Thought he would move 2 summers back.
Guess that A. Madrid move never happened.

He has been in my wish list for quite a while & I still think Arsenal should sign him. Quality player.



Ante Ćorić count ? He’s played 64 games for Zagreb in Croatia.


He’s still incredibly young, only 19!


Jeff Adelaide or Loftus Cheek or Musonda, not sure

Can I have 3 if people are picking players with 64 appearances?