Put me up on England

So this thread is for myself and others unfamiliar with English culture to ask questions and get an inside view of life in England.

First up: Wtf is this!?!? :henry:

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Jellied eels

Old school English pie shops have nearly died out.


Is that sweet? And is it considered a delicacy or just a traditional English thing?

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Also, is it common or a dish of a bygone era?

More savory than sweet

It’s seen as a working class, working man’s dish primarily rather than a delicacy.

@KITN largely a Bygone era. Alot of blue-collar industries and the fisheries declined or have moved out of London and the working class gents with them.

You only really get old dudes eating that if any. You rarely seen any traditional pie shops around any more


My mum loved jellied eel, she’s actually specifically asked me to take her to that famous shop in the east end that is like one of the last still to do proper jellied eels.

Can’t remember what it’s called but it’s in east London.

Just to add some citation here. These things are not eaten by the majority of English people. Most people here have probably never had this dish :sweat_smile:

They’re mainly sold in pie and mash shops in East London. Though there aren’t many remaining.

@Cristo is it G Kelly’s?

That or F Cooke, can’t remember now haha