Premier League wins anti-piracy court order

The Premier League has been awarded a High Court order for the forthcoming 2017-18 season, which will help it combat the illegal streaming of games.

The blocking order will require UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to prevent people from illegally accessing streams of its matches.

Still can’t see it being stopped.

Although for me this season only games I will be streaming will be the games that aren’t on tv.


Made no obvious difference to the last 2 months of last season it was in action, so not sure what’ll change this season.

People have, and always will, find ways to circumvent digital restrictions. A digital whack-a-mole.


If 95% of the web is hidden from normal view, anything is possible. Thats all you have to remember about the internet. It’s nigh on inpossible to police.

It’s so sad this happened, I haven’t been able to stream a match all season.


I forgot this even happened.

Even if UK ISPs did try and block certain websites, a VPN would bypass that in a jiffy.

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Let me buy a package where I can watch every Arsenal PL game then?

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Sounds familiar.

I guess that court order was only lacking in significance.


sooner the premier league wake up an gives the fans the options to watch all games on tv like they do in other countries then piracy will go down.

They won’t greedy motherfuckers like sky will continue to charge £30 a month, Then guess what it wont be good enough because BT sport will have some matches so that will be another package oh and dont forget amazon etc. It is a fucking joke there should be just 1 package for sports fans and the cost is a decent price then people wont fucking stream. Who streams when most are shit if they could watch on TV for a decent price but these greedy motherfuckers continue to charge stupid prices and then you still dont get all of the fucking games. You are almost looking at £75 or more to get all the channels you need to see all matches it is a bloody disgrace the conning bastards.


Plenty off good quality streams available to watch it’s just a nightmare looking for them.

But the money coming from the tv companies won’t last forever they Carnt keep paying billions for the packages. Paying £75 a month to watch football is absurd but ur paying that when ur team might not be shown during that month

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I’d quite happily pay for just an arsenal package, it won’t happen though.

But what people need to remember is the reason the ol is one of the best in the world is unfortunately because of the amount of money in it which allows teams to attract decent-world class players.

Would you see the the Portuguese contingent at relegation fodder in Spain? Would 7-8 place Spanish teams be able to attract the players that West ham or Everton are signing? I doubt it. We all like to have a say about the money situation but it’s for that reason teams can spend like they can and make the league more competitive.

I’d argue prices are a bigger factor than availability of the games is. Adding Bournemouth, Burnley or Leicester to the weekly schedule of televised games isn’t going to make a Sky package costing £75 a month (or how much it really is) worth it.

£75 that’s cute. That’s just Sky TV’s monthly outlay alone.

The one good news is that Now TV exists.

It’s cheaper, more flexible and these days more closer to how we legally watch digital content than the full Sky TV package.

Oh i know, i am talking about just a tv package though, not the whole deal including broadband etc. Sky charge around £30-35 for a sports package and then you pay it and you only get a few of the games you have to buy other bloody packages from BT sport etc, i think it is criminal they should put all of the games in one big package and do it at a reasonable price, come together and come to a sensible price instead of fucking well charging exorbitant prices for each seperate package.

They’re businesses. I can’t see any reason they should do that.

It’d be nice if they did mind.


The internet will always find a way to pirate your content.

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Wonder if one of them is the lad behind ronaldo7.

Smh my go to site shut down for PL streams.