Premier League wins anti-piracy court order

Miss Ronaldo7 aswell, had such an easy layout. Other sites are a mess

Is it just me who finds the length of that jail term really harsh?


Yeah lol

People get less for murder and rape


You can ruin a someone’s life (adult or minor) and get a lesser jail sentence than letting people watch premier league football lol


You can defraud the entire global financial system for trillions of dollars and never see the inside of a courtroom let alone go to prison :joy:

It’s madness how shit like this is cracked down on so hard, but rape and massive global fraud is just :person_shrugging:t3:


You can batter someone in the street to within an inch of their life and get less than 7 years in prison lmao. You can run a county line or class A drugs and get convicted of distribution and having a high level role and not get 7 years lol

I mean I know he’ll be out in half that but the point is he’ll then be released on license with strict conditions after.

It’s hilarious how fucked the sentencing guidelines are lol.


It’s always been this way.
Very wealthy, powerful corporations get their money in extremely dubious ways, like using slave labour or ripping off customers and rarely get punished but will throw the book at anyone who dares to do the same to them.


People need to learn that all you need is internet access and a browser :slight_smile:

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Or a TV stick of some form, with some form of iptv subscription with a VPN built into it.

Obviously I don’t have one.


Me neither. Don’t know anyone with one in fact.

30 years :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Really shows you who the justice system is for doesn’t it


I’m surprised so many people pay for these dodgy systems, when you can get decent web streams for free.

Well that’s combined, so not really that bad, most of them only got 3-5 years, they’ll serve half that. They were raking in millions while hacking legitimate paying customers!

It might not be murder, but a crime is still a crime.

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Paedophiles get less time in jail. This justice system is so corrupt and broken.


The problem with this is that whilst the sentences handed out may be justifiable - the sentencing guidelines for other crimes are massively outdated.

The maximum sentence that can be imposed on an adult who meets a child following sexual grooming is 10 years and the range is usually 1-7 years.

A man has been sentenced to 11 years for profiting off streams. That’s justifiable as he made millions. What’s not justifiable is that the sentencing guidelines allow for him to serve longer than an adult who meets a child he’s sexually groomed.

People should read the full story? Nah.

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Depends how much you pay for the stick though and everything else you get.
For 45 quid a year :shushing_face: I could be tempted.


Yeah, I have a few mates who have it. Even leaving aside that it gives you access to every channel known to man, it’s far more reliable for football than finding streams online. Better quality, and no issues with streams going down or buffering. Seems worth the money to me.