Premier League Team of the Decade


my team would annihilate all of yours :kroenke:


Would you say De Bruyne has done enough to be in the team of the decade while considering players like Silva or Fabregas or Mahrez(player of the season)?

Replace Ivanovic with Fernandinho. Wasn’t an option at CB. :slightly_frowning_face:

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You’ve left good CBs like Terry, Van Dijk on the bench in favour of a DM who’s having a hit and miss run at CB for City?

And you’ve also put a RB at CB lol

Sometimes I think you’re a wind up lol


It’s not about the best possible team, it’s about who had the most impact in this decade.
Walker has had a bigger impact in the long run. So has Fernandinho. :wave:

Interesting choice on Baines. Very underrated LB.

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Good call on Zabs. Guy was a hero and underrated

Mr Jules, You amuse me a plenty. Choosing a worn down Ryan Giggs over the plethora of better wingers indicates you got funny bones.

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Feel Kolarov has been overlooked a fair bit here.

Didn’t Robertson only sign for Liverpool in 2017?

Or is this factoring in his lofty days as part of that Hull City side that stole the hearts of football fans worldwide?


This sir is a very good attempt. If you could manage to add Hazard instead of Robertson, it would be perfect

He’s Welsh bro allow it.