Premier League star arrested on suspicion of rape

A Premier League international footballer has been arrested in North London on suspicion of rape, Telegraph Sport understands.

The player, who is in his late 20s and cannot be named for legal reasons, is currently in custody being quizzed over an alleged attack which is said to have taken place last month.

Scotland Yard confirmed in a statement that the player had been taken into custody in the early hours of Monday. The club has been contacted by Telegraph Sport and is aware the player is being questioned**,** but it declined to comment.

“On 4 July, an allegation of rape of a woman in her 20s was reported to police,” the Met Police said in a statement. “It was reported the alleged rape happened in June 2022.”

Police said the man was arrested “at an address in Barnet on suspicion of rape and taken into custody where he remains”. “Enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing,” officers added.

The player is internationally renowned and it is unclear whether he will now play in his club’s pre-season fixture schedule. The Premier League season begins on August 5 and the player is also due to play at the World Cup in Qatar this November.

“Arrested at an address in Barnet” :grimacing:

I didnt see Partey in any of the training pictures today…

Partey, Xhaka and Elneny fit the age profile and are due to go to the WC I think.

Reckon it’s not ours.

Let’s not do this. It’ll be revealed soon enough.


Harry Kane had a bad weekend then?

Bissouma lives in north London now…


Doesn’t fit the profile but @Stroller is right. Not worth putting out names, we’ll soon know who it is.

There’s a name doing the rounds. :disappointed:

Ah shit :man_facepalming:


Surely not, the guy who’s been so focused on his religion for the past 6 months he changed his fuckin name.

Just can’t see it but also praying for it not to be true on all fronts.

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Discussing random players with no evidence is abhorrent lads come on here


Why speculate? Twitter honestly…


James is a cunt then


tbf It sounds like he got ahead of the news. His tweet was at 5am.

Can it not be a Spurs player?

It could be. Barnet is close to our training ground however.