Premier League 2024/25

The work has already started.

We’re winning this.


Already? :joy::joy:

I can’t wait :grinning:


Same! Not long back home from the match and I can’t wait until the new season.

I will enjoy the transfer rumours and banter and pre-season, but looking forward to going one better next season. COYG! :red_circle: :white_circle:


It will actually be back before we know it.

It’s 3 months from but we’ve still got some football left and then it’s the Euros and shortly after that we’re back in preseason.

We’re most likely gonna play in the Community Shield so we’ll be back sooner than the rest too.



Assuming City beat Utd in the FA Cup of course…

We go again

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Looking forward to it. We have now shown everyone we aren’t going away.

If we can replicate the first half of 22/23 and the second half of 23/24 into one full season we will win it

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Well there it is/was and we had some genuine fun this year. Onwards and upwards from here. Have a lovely summer everyone!

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have the transfer window to look forward to before the new season, don’t care much for the Euros

Not sure we’ll see too much business before the Euros.

It’d be mostly rumours and the usual “X player is currently focused on his national team, X team will step up their interest once the player returns from his international duties” being reiterated for weeks.

so how is the break going to work for the players, will they have a break from now until the euros and then another one after the euros until the new season?

Well it’s gonna be messy. Season has yet to end in other leagues and there’s also the European finals to consider too.

It was an issue last year as well but now it’s gonna be worse with a month long tournament.
Some players will barely have time for a break.

I think Havertz had like a week worth of break last year because right as the season was over he was called up by the national team, then shortly after he signed for us and joined us for preseason.

Ben White is boarding a plane to Marbella as we type


It’s too early for this shit. Let us soak in the season ffs.


Bookies taking care of themselves in case the point deductions come.

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I saw someone share the odds on Twitter and immediately thought of you and that 100 point deduction you suggested. :rofl:

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Making some money from a city relegation is the only thing that could make it sweeter.

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Just got a notification saying Newcastle vs Tottenham starting soon. What are these fuckers playing about?