Premier League 2022/23

LMAO, crowd could couldn’t give a flying fuck. :rofl:

Did he he surpass Phil Taylor tonight?

MvG is a mad lad. A Darts legend

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Not in world titles, but PL titles yes, I believe.

That world title haul won’t be matched like ever, I reckon

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Wonder if the 3 champions league positions have ever changed as significantly as this season?

3 different teams in 2/3/4 compared to last season

Relegation battle could be quite fun. I was of the mindset that it was between Leicester and Everton for last survival place, but actually, Leeds aren’t completely dead. Beating Spurs won’t be that big an ask, especially given Spurs won’t be that motivated.

Heard a Spurs fan say that there is no point them qualifying for the Conference League as they won’t win it because they never win anything. All that will happen is the embarrassment of getting knocked out so they’d rather not bother :sweat_smile:

Leicester and Everton both going down would be big.

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I think Everton are gonna blitz Bournemouth like they did Brighton and the relegation battle will be done after 30 mins.

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Why you gotta ruin the last day excitement? :xhaka:

To be fair, it would be Everton ruining it not me.


@shamrockgooner is setting the up for failure, lol. :rofl:

I want them to survive. The brother follows them sadly for him.

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Who ever goes will be first and second in the championship next season

Hope Everton drop, useless club and nice to see a big boy fail every now and again.

Leicester to go with them obv.

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Certainly big for Lineker who played for both and won the title with Everton.
But you’re right, it’s a lot more exciting when teams other than the usual yo yo clubs get relegated.

If Carlsberg done relegation it’s Leeds and Everton.
I don’t drink now so I’ll settle for Leeds.

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Leeds to drop, curry on chips cunts.

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Leeds will have to do an awful lot to stay up. An early home goal at Elland Road or away goal at Goodison really cranks up the excitement levels.

This is classic Luca but with highly specific knowledge of regional British cuisine.


No he didn’t

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Almost every single one of Fergie’s sons are clueless fucks. If there’s one thing Chelsea have in abundance is right backs, centre backs and left backs.

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Tbh they have enough centre backs but not sure they have the quality.

First signing for Chelsea has to be a striker though, surely. Then another CM followed by a keeper.


James - Thiago Silva - Colwill - Chilwell

Enzo - ???

Madueke - Havertz - Mudryk


Not a fan of Koulibaly so I think think CB could do with an upgrade once Thiago starts dropping off. They have fofana and Badiashile though so might be fine.

Gusto will cover james when he’s inevitably injured and poopoorella can cover chilwell.