Poster of the Year 2016

This poll will close on Thursday 15th December 19:00

  • AbouCuellar
  • A.F.
  • Burgundy
  • Calum
  • Castiel
  • Craigie
  • CunningLinguist
  • JakeyBoy
  • Persona
  • PPB

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@AbouCuellar @A.F.@Burgundy @Calum @Castiel @Craigie @CunningLinguist @JakeyBoy @Persona @PPB

Who will win the coveted Poster of the Year in 2016? Vote now!

Got this strong suspicion that @AbouCuellar voted for himself.

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That would be the hipster move alright.


qué pesado de cojones este chileno.

More proof I’m not a hipster then. :slight_smile:

It’s gotta be @JakeyBoy .Whether it’s something serious, funny or informative, he’s got it all in his arsenal. The way he gathers likes so easily, is like girls throwing their bras at rock stars :cristo:


@Craigie for me. Since joining I don’t think he has made a post I haven’t enjoyed reading. Thoroughly deserves a poster of the year award.

I’ve gone with Calum. I don’t agree with him a lot especially when giving grief to my two favorite guys (Theo and Ox) and he is a bit emo at times but he’s always posting valuable info and funny shit so IMO he’s the guy.


tbf to Theo he has been good this season. Was abysmal from January - May last season. Must have given himself a massive wake up with the Euro’s snub and is now actually a decent player again. Ox is still average though :wink:

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Cal is an OA legend tbh.


Looking pretty wide open in this one.

Congrats @Burgundy on winning Poster of the Year :+1:

Voting results

@Burgundy - 9 votes
@Craigie - 6 votes
@Calum - 5 votes
@AbouCuellar - 4 votes
@JakeyBoy - 4 votes
@A.F.- 2 votes
@Castiel - 1 vote
@CunningLinguist - 1 vote
@Persona - 1 vote
@PPB - 1 vote


3rd I’ll take that! :+1:



If it makes you feel any better I voted for you… I think… I’m getting a bit senile in my old age. I may have written in Frank Zappa again.

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I actually won this one…i was Invisible 1st!

As an Arsenal fan I’m used to coming fourth.