Possible cup game(s) v Liverpool

I couldn’t believe we had that performance in us tbh.
It was nothing from a football point of view but associating Arsenal with organisation, grit and resilience at a big club is something we don’t do.
As frustrated and dissatisfied as Forest left me, this reignited my belief in change at the club.
Something different in these players attitudes.
Very confident for the rest of the season right now.


Shitting bricks here. The spotlight is on us on Thursday, everybody will want us to lose on Thursday after what happened with the postponement (ironic how Liverpool got off with what they’ve done themselves).

Anyway, hopefully ESR, Odegaard and Tomiyasu are fit. I can’t see us signing another midfielder in time.

In which case I would go with:

Got u just where they want you.

Glad to be here. It’s been a long time coming.


This was kind of a game that people could feel the grit and determination and desire as a fan and a player.

No matter what, there can be only positive from this kind of result (away, one men less, against Liverpool).

I won’t predict and look too far as our consistency is always a shit, but, this game was definitely a big positive.


We’ve done this before tho it’s the same fucking cycle man, just wait :+1:

Closest we’ve came to something like that before was when we played Mi Atleti in the El and they had 10 men for 75 minutes and Wenger still fucked it


Ohh lmao my bad we are tlking about being shit and just parking the bus. Yeah Arteta has the market cornered on that one :joy::joy::joy:

Far better than them Wenger runaway ones over the years.

Yeah I hated winning so many FA Cup games in a row that was terrible :woozy_face::woozy_face:

Tbh it wasn’t even about the results I liked watching good football. Not some trash wanna be Jose morionho shit which is what y’all applauding ngl rip.

Imagine getting dicked 6 0 by Jose boring football.

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Nice false equivalent there my dood :+1::+1::woozy_face::woozy_face:

just enjoy one game at a time…

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If the situation (COVID, AFCON, injuries and suspensions) stands exactly the same as it was this weekend, then we can raise a squad. We have the U23s to do it.

However, if Burnley, Leicester and Liverpool can get away with it, we should continue to postpone. It’s a massive game. Need our strongest team that doesn’t intersect with Liverpool’s strongest team.

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Say it got postponed, I wonder when they’d fit the 2nd leg in.

After Afcon most likely.

I can’t see us voluntarily wanting to play them with Salah and Mane back.

I wonder if this goes ahead, any sort of talk ? Or expecting to find out closer to the game ?

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There’s no talk of the game being called off .
Sundays NLD game was cancelled due to the number of Covid cases The Arsenal had over Christmas, it was the fitness and health of these players which was the deciding factor as to why the game was cancelled.

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There was one journalist reporting that we are considering asking for a postponement. But we haven’t so far. And no further talk.