Players You Liked

…that you probably shouldn’t have. I.E someone that was often a pain in our backside as Arsenal fans :grin:

I’ll start with Diego Costa

Total sh*thouse of a player, but that seemed to give him his edge. Could play a bit as well. Not bad for someone 40+

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Jürgen Klinsmann. I don’t care that he played for Spurs.


Klinsmann was a don.

My turn? Aguero

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Roy Keane and John Terry (obviously not a personal level, just in terms of on field action) :grimacing:


Raheem Sterling he’s destroyed us since he played for Liverpool and always destroys our defence.

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Drogba. Was too much for Arsenal to handle basically every time we played them


Luis Suarez. Absolute animal on the pitch. Would fight tooth and nail for the win.


That front 3 of CR7, Rooney and Tevez was good to watch but extremely damaging to us, especially in that Champs League quarter final in 09.


Robbie Fowler. Bloody loved him.


Christ remember being up there when he got that three minute treble.

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I always appreciated Kevin Davies ability to get the most out of what he had and how he caused cunty trouble for the opposition.

I was always a huge Drogba fan. I think Arsenal’s shit defence once Campbell went might have been part of the reason for that though. He was a key man in a few “men against boys” games we had around that time. I also really liked Essien and Carvalho but I’ve no idea why.

Ashley Cole was my favourite Arsenal player of his time and if I’m honest I never stopped liking him despite him being about as unlikeable as you can get.

Torres was always high on my wishlist before Liverpool got him and I never really stopped liking him until he went to Chelsea.

Diego Costa’s part 9 year old boy part intelligent shithouser persona I really liked too. It felt like he was a powerful striker an age where powerful strikers were no longer fashionable.

And it’s probably because he had a decent spell for England but I always appreciated Sherringham.

It sounds like I should just be a Chelsea fan tbh.


@Phoebica will give you tips on how you can complete this transformation :wink:


Haha when I said John Terry, I was also going to add Costa, Drogba and Kante, but figured I’d be setting myself up for abuse :laughing:

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Shane Long.


Sneijder. Robbed of Balon D’or for his performances in 2010. Best player on the best team in the world at the time (cringe to say that but that Inter were incredible). Got his country to a world cup final also, which they were unlucky not to win.

That Inter team was stacked with talent. Julio Cesar, Zanetti, Lucio, Materazzi, Samuel, Maicon, Cambiasso, Stankovic, Thiago Motta, Sneijder, Milito, Eto’o. Yet it was Sneijder who absolutely shone. He dominated that season.

Then Iniesta in that fucking cuntiest of Barcelona teams. Some of the best close control, first touch and passing in one player I’ll ever see.


Loved that Inter team, despite also disliking Mourinho and never really liking the club. Kinda amazing how they collapsed once he left though, which I guess highlights how he got every ounce out of them.

Agree with Iniesta too, a player I still think is underrated despite his critical acclaim, which says much about his talent imo


I probably have a bunch these but to start off I don’t see liking Iniesta as particularly controversial, isn’t he the archetype of likeable harmless world class player?

I’m not angry at Cesc in the slightest, he’s our lost son as far as I’m concerned. Second loving Drogba and Costaduring their peaks, Mourinho as well all as long as they’re not playing us.

Definitely love CR7s second half of his career, he is definitely comparable to Messi fully well, even if maybe Messi edges it.

Not sure if very controversial but I think Dirk Kuyt was underrated. Loved Sneijder and Luis Suarez (took a couple of years) as mentioned above.

I Kind of like Roy Keane. Always liked Modric despite debatable political stuff and being a totnum player.

I always thought Griezmann was absolutely unique and world class and their most impt. player for years at Atl., not their defenders. His recent antics put me off though lol

Lanky cunt (Müller) was brilliant for years at Bayern. Casillas was the best GK in the world for a while and deserved every second of praise back then.

There are more and probably more controversial ones but I"ll stop there and finish off with Sergio Ramos truly being one of the best CBs of all time, not joking, don’t @ me.

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Hard not to love players like Kuyt and Grosskeutz who you can literally put into any position and you will always get 110% output and above average performance.

Those guys were never the best at what they did but they were sure as hell the best generalists around and you always knew you could rely on them no matter what.

Got a lot of time for team players who’ll just do what is required for the team and not moan about where they’re being played.


well put :+1:

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Not at all. Inter has always been underperforming during Moratti’s ownership. If Calciopoli never happened their successess never happen.