Players you feel are overappreciated


Was thinking of Ozil as well, but hesitated to write about him.

Regarding Messi, I didn’t say he’s average or anything, just that a huge number of fans have a certain perception of him, as if there’s a huge gap between him and the next best player, as if there was a night and day difference. If we were to quantify footballing ability, people act as if he’s 10x or 100x the next best player. He’s not. There are faster players than him, there are players in his position with better workrate, there probably are better finishers than him. Yeah, if you put all his skills together he’s probably among the best players of all time, but by no means is he as good as other people make him out to be. A team of mediocre players and a Messi is not a great team, so he can’t be a 10x player. That’s just limited by the basic human physiology.

This just goes to show that there’s a big halo effect around him, and this was the purpose of this post.


He is. Infact there is a larger population who think there is not much between Messi and the next best player.


I think he was an amazing player but I think he often gets spoken about as the greatest Italian player ever so I feel he fits the criteria of being slightly overrated as I don’t view him in that light.


All good players but highly overrated, especially by the media.




Whenever someone says Ozil is overrated it always seems like they believe it’s an unpopular opinion. That’s not even the case at all.


Frank Lampard.


Can’t get over that first list.

In Messi’s case you know he’s nowhere near overrated or the like because when he’s gone so many people will miss the way how he plays the game.

The only player in world football who could be the perfect CM, #10, striker or winger if he truly desired.


Most English players are overrated these days. Kane, Ali to name a few. The press are to blame for this though. Inflated ego’s the lot of them.


John Terry, everyone was like ‘oh best defender by miles’ but he made so many stupid mistakes slipped over at inopportune times and a lot of the time got away with blatant fouls that should really be penalties etc, and to add to all of that the guy is a total shitbag.


I’d disagree here tbh. I can’t stand John Terry, but he was a fantastic defender and deserves his reputation as such.


Yeah as much as I hate him you could probably argue that Terry was at one point the best defender in the world


That’s what makes me dislike him even more.

The fact the bastard truly is one of all the time greats.


I disagree, I thought John Terry was a decent defender but nowhere near world class. Read the game well and was good at defending and attacking corners. But not the best defender in the world.


I’d say Eric Dier for a start. Never quite understood how he constantly gets into the Spurs and national team


He had one good season, that’s it.

He’s not very good at all, getting into the England squad because of Spurs progress in recent years. Sure England don’t have many DM’s but he’s quite limited indeed.


I have a feeling you don’t particularly like Argentinian players?


Is Dier overrated nowadays?! Apart from by Poch and Sam Allardyce, is Dier actually rated by anyone? All I see is people calling average and shit.


Not sure he’s overappreciated but, how has Xherdan Shaqiri played for Bayern, Inter and now Liverpool? :neutral_face:


…and dire.

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