Players you feel are overappreciated


Because human beings are prone to something called the halo effect, and football is susceptible to network effects, aka winner-takes-all, the players at the top are getting exponentially more money, fame and following for ever smaller increases in footballing ability, we are of course getting the phenomena where some players are glorified to the point that it makes one puke.

Anyway, who do you think is overrated, overappreciated, or just not as special as people say they are? Here’s my list:

  • Messi (I’m glad he’ll be retiring soon, got sick of all the “he’s not human” blah blah blah, people acting like he’s the second coming of Jesus).
  • Maradona
  • Neymar (really not that special)
  • Iniesta
  • Aguero - good striker, but definitely not the best ever to play in the EPL, like some making him out to be
  • Pogba.

(Truth be told, this thread may be a bit pointless, as probably we’ll all think of the same few players at the top).


I’ll just say it, but Cristiano Ronaldo

Also, Thomas fucking Muller


@Electrifying Unleash bro. :wink:


shit, too slow. :grimacing:


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

Also Toni Kroos tbh.

If I’m being unbiased, Ozil too.




Don’t you dare… :bellerin:


Stopped reading at Messi is overrated


De Gea
Del Piero



Didn’t read OP properly.


Zlatan I feel, some incredible moments sure but in general I don’t get the hype sure he is top tier but this ‘Zlatan is god’ gimme a fucking break


Diaby, his big game against Liverpool and borderline retiree status afterward, erased years of mehness.

Ramos, his last minute goal-scoring heroics wouldn’t be needed if he was good defender and didn’t fuck up earlier.




Love Diaby but “AMEN!” to your thoughts on Ramos.


Alli. A prick and a limited player as well.


Indeed. If anything, he is under rated. Especially when you hear people say things like “Harry Kane is World Class”. If Kane is World Class then it’s an insult to Messi to also describe him as such. Need a whole new word/phrase to define just how good Messi is!

For me, Giggs is the first name that comes to mind. Longevity at the same club does not make you a great player.


I think I could have come up with a better thread title


Xabi Alonso.

Anyone would have thought he was a game-changing box to box midfielder the way Liverpool fans were going on about him


Good player but definitely overrated at times.


I’m such a Del Piero fanboy. I’m sure you watched him more than I did in fairness, especially later in his career, but I’m still a but suprised to see him on this kind of list.


He was bloody cool though. You lot can only dream of looking as cool as this dude!