Players you feel are overappreciated


I just noticed this. I think it’s down to the fact that I tend to be a contrarian (or even meta-contrarian), and thus I usually side with the underdog, don’t particularly like those considered at the very top (also because of the said halo effect).

It just happens that Argentina produced some of those world-beaters, I think. And I still think their fame is not 100% justified.

LE. Also, if I think about it, I also enjoyed watching Ronaldinho a lot more than Messi. For some reason, Messi doesn’t score goals as memorable as Ronaldinho or Henry did, but maybe that’s just my biased brain.


Yeah, I think we should call him Dierrhea :poldi: :arteta: :mustafi: :wenger:

Actually that doesn’t fit because he doesn’t even run :ramsey: :mkhi: :poldi:


Giggs was pretty fucking good to be fair.


I love it when people reach their own conclusions.

As far as our generation goes, by which I mean, anyone aged 40 to zero, Messi is by far and a way the absolute :goat:

There’s simply no debate.

Well, there is probably a debate of I’m honest. But anyone who disagrees with me is a cunt. As @Trion says, I’m very closed minded


Yeah, he was. But not good enough to be mentioned alongside genuine :goat:s like Bergkamp, Zola, Cantona, Henry, Ronaldo et al

This thread actually belongs to Giggs.

The jizzfest when he was verging on retiring was sickening.

Leaving longevity aside, he doesn’t even equal Pires, yet people speak of him like he was better than Henry or other truly great players.

Let’s just call this the Giggs thread and get it over with.

The sister in law shagging cunt. How he’s broadly got away with that I’ll never know, he’s evidently one of the biggest cunts this league has ever seen, and not talented enough to get away with it.


Giggs is the PL’s most overrated player. To me it isn’t even close.

And as much as I like Aguero, I agree with the OP that he’s over appreciated. I mean his goal record is amazing but I’m just not that sold on him like others are.


It’s not some random club he was involved in for the longest time…it was the most dominant club in English football at the time. I’m not sure longevity is something to downplay in this particular case.


It absolutely is, because that’s why he’s spoken of as being one of the leagues greatest ever players.

If people spoke of him more realistically, I’d have no incentive to downplay anything, I’d feel inclined to praise his longevity.


Was Giggs at any point best in the world or league?


Absolutely not. Was never even the best at United.


Well then I guess that answers it all.
I believe PL Legends should at least at some point be best in league or best in their position.
Longevity is admirable but not a great advocacy for hall of fame.


I get your point, Giroud is definitely better at defending corners than Messi


I thought that he got overrated at the expense of the United players that left. United fans point to
the PL assist record and ofcourse there’s that FA Cup against us that saw them take the trebble.

Also Del Piero before his injury was very special and the reason Baggio got moved on. A bit like Ronaldo his later career wasn’t quite as amazing as it could have been.


I think with Giggs, the fact that not many foreign teams came in for him (if at all) is rather telling. In this English media bubble we live in, he’s world class. If you’re world class, you can get into any team in the world. He was never that good.


Yeah Giggs whilst having such great longevity didn’t really have an insanely high peak, Pires 2002-2005 produced some football that Giggs never really came close to producing.


i feel that giggs mostly fed off his wonder goal against us, he was good yeah but nothing hugely special but because he went on a jinxy run and scored a good goal it was like wooooooooooooooooow what a goal what a player.


It wasn’t even that great of a goal!

That can be filed under “Goals you feel are overappreciated”

Giggs won Sports Personality Of The Year at one point too, which was weird given he is seriously lacking in the personality department.


I agreed with all posts until yours. That was a bit much. But if it’s any consolation, I want to agree with you


Let’s be honest though, they really should ditch the word personality out of that title, and change it to person, as it hasn’t been anything to do with a personality in a long time. I mean, if it were truly done/awarded on personality, then Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t have won any :sweat_smile:

It’s a joke award anyways these days.


Except for Beckham no English players of that generation moved to a foreign club. I don’t think that says a lot if anything at all. If any British footballer is overrated it would be Beckham anyway.