PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22


Good article that and worrying really. Factor in Liverpools refusal to allow last weeks CL game to be broadcast on 5live and the future is far form good for genuine fans.


Why does this significantly impact EFL attendances? Why is that a set in stone assumption?

For example I get that as an Arsenal fan when I went to the Amex or Upton Park to see local Championship games (which to be fair is still fairly high up the spectrum) I might prefer to watch Arsenal on TV… (even that is a bit of a stretch) but I’m hardly in Brighton or West Ham’s core fan base, so why would it deter the actual regular matchgoers from attending 3pm kick offs?

Is it very fair to assume that a significant number of Shrewsbury fans will ditch their home games in order to watch United on the tele?


Wow I didn’t hear about that. Why the hell did Liverpool do that? Doesn’t make much sense to me


Of course the regular match goers are likely to still attend. But, in my experience, lower league/non league clubs don’t have a huge number of “die hard” fans. They rely a lot on floating supporters. So I think it’s fair to assume that their matchday attendance would reduce somewhat if, say, a Man City or Chelsea match was being shown live on TV at 3pm, just as their game was kicking off.

These floating fans, like myself, might be the difference between survival and bankruptcy for many clubs. The gap between the Premier League and lower league is already massive and this would just make it wider. The PL can literally show live matches at any other time, do they really need to take over that 3pm slot, too?!


I Carnt see lower league football being affected just because a prem match is shown at 3pm on tv. These game are still going to be behind a paywall that many won’t want to pay or Carnt afford


Wanted people to listen too it on their website. BBC seem to think it could be the future. Sad really because listening to a game can be some peoples only outlet for the game.


That’s ridiculous! Clubs should not be able to dictate the terms like that. I guess they can only do it for UEFA competitions and not premier league games?


Yea BBC definitely have radio rights to PL games. I’m suprised to hear there isn’t a similar set up for CL.

I’d rather follow the game through text updates than listen to the official club channel tbh.


Should be announced next week




Next it will be interesting to see how much BT are willing to pay to retain the Champions League coverage…


I’m pretty sure they just renewed the CL and EL rights last year?


Not quite a burst bubble then but a bit of it has split off.


but if this is 4.4bn and 2 packages left it could be close to what it was last time yeah? Or am i missing something is it like the 2 remaining packages are garbage and noone wants them?


For this reason mav

The Premier League’s UK broadcast rights sales process has not yet concluded, but we can announce that five of the seven live packages have been awarded.

The successful broadcasters – BT and Sky – are listed companies and are required to announce publicly the details of their acquisitions.

Therefore, the Premier League is providing this progress update.


No Netflix or Amazon winning the rights this time :frowning:


Nobody needs this shit as much as Sky do. I doubt there’s much value to be had at these prices.


I have access issues with BT so not unhappy about this.

I’d like to see Amazon or somebody come in and shake things up