PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22


If i understand the packages still available correctly it’s basically 2 series of 10 matches which can all be shown live at the same time/over a couple of days but these are also midweek series. So not massively attractive but a clear nod towards Amazon or Netflix which can do that easily whereas sky/bt would be competing with themselves if they bought those packages. In that regards i’m not a bit suprised that they didn’t bid on them and if Amazon do come in now the price is almost certainly going to be lower than that 9m+ per game.


If someone like Amazon gets those midweek games, then it’s really only a matter of time before they take Sky’s position as the main UK broadcaster.


If the price comes down enough then ITV should be getting involved, bring some league football back to terrestrial tv


Acestream player ftw

That is all.


Would be interesting what happens at the next auction if they had to split rights between 3 companies this time. I can’t imagine sky consumers would be too happy if they had to buy into too many packages outside of their own subscription to get the whole experience.


Yeah the other two packages are the bank holiday games like boxing day etc and the weeks were there is a full card of midweek PL games


Unless I’m interpreting this wrong are the last 2 packages for 4 gameweeks? Why would any internet company want to offer that? Nobody is going to sign up to Netflix to see PL football once every 8-10 weeks. I guess people might renew a subscription to check it out but BT won a lot of other business based on having a legit amount of football available.


This is the future, people!


Will they be included in Amazon Prime?



The matches will be available free to Amazon Prime’s UK members.


This is one industry I don’t mind Amazon ruining.


Great thing about Amazon prime is you can sign up for unlimited free trials :henry2:


How? I get one once in a blue moon saying ‘do you want to try prime’ but when i use it and cancel it they wanna charge me for the next for a long time.


Email addresses and VPNs I would imagine.



Finally put my prime sub to good use


Just sign up for an Amazon account with a new email address and sign up to prime, that’s it.