PL UK Television rights tender 2019/22

The stadium isn’t full capacity.

I’m still sceptical.

I was concerned that Sunday 7.15pm games were going to become a thing of the future. By the end of this weekend, we’ll have played 3 of those fixtures.

I understand (thanks @Phoebica) that this is only a small portion of home fans that can enter stadia, but I’m concerned long term.

Is Newcastle v Arsenal at 5.30pm on a Monday fathomable for our fans?

We’re in a halfway house at the moment

Every Premier League game will continue to broadcast live in January in the UK.

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Awesome news

Interesting article if you have a subscription


Disappointing and a bit dull and narrow minded by the PL this.

They just blagged themselves 5bn quid on the back of a pandemic. Was never going any other way.

Yeah I know cash is always king. Just don’t think the floating punter got anything new in terms of signing up for.

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Nor for the last 25 years. Was never on the cards I’m afraid.

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Premier league shit themselfes didnt think they get that much money again so forced this deal throught the govement.