PL relegation predictions

There’s still a chance they go down if City and Arsenal rick roll them and Bournemouth beat Everton.

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Looking back on the poll only @SRCJJ got all three correct haha

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I got them all right but I didn’t vote on the poll

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I think Fulham deserve to stay up more than Newcastle do tbh.

The league would be better off without Burnley to be honest.

Like what do Fulham give exactly. Like ever in history.


An epic Roy Hodgson European run


Sheffield United, West Brom and Newcastle. Would love it if the Geordies went down

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I said at the start of the season it would be West Brom, Fulham and and maybe Brighton but it looks like Sheffield United and Burnley might go down instead of them.
Brighton have only lost once in their last seven games since they played us, to Man City and they have also beaten spurs, Leeds and Liverpool.

West Brom, Burnley and Sheffield United are all in poor form but Fulham and Brighton seem to be playing a lot better than they were, as well as playing good attacking football.

Burnley aren’t really in poor form tbf. A win and 2 draws in their last 3 (albeit shit opposition)

As much as I dislike Burnley, i have accepted that they will stay up now. Sheffield United and West Brom are as good as gone. Last spot is between Fulham, Newcastle and Brighton IMO. I personally think it’ll stay as is though unfortunately and Fulham will go.

I just looked at Fulham’s form and in their last sixteen games they’ve only lost to Man City, Man U, Leicester and Chelsea, who are four of the best sides in the PL but in the other twelve matches they’ve drawn nine of them, which is obviously not going to get you as many points.

As for Burnley, they have new owners so, even if they went down, they’re not going to stay there.
Like Fulham, West Brom, Newcastle, Sheffield United, Watford, Norwich etc, they’re a yo-yo club who do just enough to get promoted to the PL but not enough to stay there.

Aren’t Fulham a yo yo club then?

I’ve just put them in but there are loads of them.
I can remember when the yo-yo clubs were, Leicester, Chelsea and West Ham.

But there are clubs like Fulham, Southampton, QPR, Watford, Newcastle, Norwich, West Brom, Newcastle, Burnley, Crystal Palace and others that are constantly flitting from one division to another.

I suppose it’s better than being at the bottom of a league, always near the relegation places.
At least clubs that go up and down have seasons where they have the excitement of a promotion.