PL relegation predictions

Between 6 teams who’s going down?

  • Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Watford
  • West Ham United
  • Bournemouth
  • Aston Villa
  • Norwich

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West Ham will take it to the wire but I think they should just about be okay, they surely have enough quality to avoid it

I just can’t believe West ham could go down, we all thought they killed the summer window


Their squad seems too good but then again they are 17th so who knows.

Seemed a bit premature is sacking Pellegirni to me, as if Moyes was ever going to be anything but a disaster

I think Norwich, Bournemouth and Aston Villa.
All the other teams have managers that are good enough to keep them up.
Watford made a great choice with Pearson.
He’s a top coach and was responsible for building the Leicester squad that won the PL title.
West Ham have better players than their league position, although they got relegated before with several top quality players.
Brighton aren’t safe but after beating us, they have probably got some confidence back.

The teams just above them like Newcastle, Southampton, Everton and Arsenal should have enough points to avoid relegation.

Short term, he’d have been excellent for Arsenal. If he had a “until the end of the season contract”, he’d have been chomping at the bit.

In the meantime, the board try and find a proper manager to start in 2020/21

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Yeah I think the current bottom 3 will be the ones that depart this league.

West Ham and Brighton safe based on goal difference short of a couple of twattings. Ideally Watford go down and I don’t really care who joins then between Villa and Bournemouth.

Ideally Watford go down with Villa and Bournemouth stays up for me


Brighton are a meaningless team, so yeh they should be going down. I’d like to see Villa stay up but if they go down u gotta imagine Grealish will be moving on and maybe we could tempt him?


Wouldn’t mind Bournemouth to get another chance next season. Hats off to them for lasting this long.
To be completely honest though, just want Villa to go down for their terrible spending on bums and Watford because that prick Deeney deserves it.

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Too long in my opinion. Hope them and their shit badge go down and Villa stay up.

I think Bournemouth have had their fun. 5 years is a very good spell for a club of their size and it feels like they’ve done everything they’re going to do.

Also if the plastic fans go away then I can get a ticket :innocent:


Really don’t want to see Bournemouth go down. I’ve always enjoyed watching them play and they have the right philosophy with Eddie Howe, trying to actually play football.

I love their kit colours as well tbh


West Ham aren’t totally safe, are they?

A Villa win against us and that final day game between Villa and the Spammers becomes a claret and blue death match

They have a better goal difference by 14. I’d say they are safe.


You killjoy

Bournemouth cant defend and Howe has had a fair amount of money too spend over the years.
As for this philosophy line, think its been played to death on him. Had a long time to get out of this battle in a season when their a lot of poor teams down the bottom. Poor effort by him imo.


Devastated for Eddie Howe. No way they’ve deserved 0 out of 6 points in their last 2 games. That might just have stuck the nail in the coffin.

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Shame Watford will survive. Don’t deserve it after 4 managers in the 1 season