Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Malaria, ailing health of his mother, heart problems

This guy has gone through a lot these last 12 months. It’s been a rough time for him


Throw in general decline due to age and just having COVID, it’s bad.

But it’s probably because he spends too much time getting tattoos or haircuts.


Oh Jesus, another heart issue :thinking:

What does heart issue even mean?

Can’t be sure that Auba is vaccinated tbh. I know there was rumours that he wasn’t a month or two ago. These are still unconfirmed rumours.

Good news. Now we can continue to not play him when he returns.


That’s positive.

No, we need him to test negative! Haven’t you been paying attention for the last two years?



Lazy journalism. Gabon opener was against Comoros not Ghana.

Didn’t even know Comoros was an actual place :slight_smile:

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Lazy posting. Gabon opener was against Cameroon not Comoros.

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Lazy posting. Gabon opener was against Cameroon not Costo Rico.

Lazy posting. Gabon opener was against Cameroon not Costco.

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Kind of a shame he’s coming back to a hostile environment.

This can be a big boost for us. We really need to integrate him back into the team now.
Less than 2 weeks remaining to get a striker in and I’m not very optimistic about it.

Hope lessons learned. He now has the pressure of the captaincy off him. Time for him to shut some mouths.

Are you not worried that Gabon, a team that surely needs him more than we do, think he’s not capable of playing right now?

I thought representing his country and having a complete break from Arteta and the PL might have been a bit of a reboot for him and got him excited about his game again but if he comes back under these circumstances I’m not sure what that does for him.

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I like Auba but he’ll never play for us again and if he does we’ll wish he hadn’t. It’s the exact same shit that went down with Ozil, it’s coming from a higher up.

I really don’t understand how people don’t see this.