Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


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Ornhub LOL

Sending Giroud to Germany would be so much better. I can live with that


Chelsea are clearly trying to prevent us from getting Auba. Fucking russian mafia boys.


Chelsea fans are raging about their ‘penny pinching’ lol



Normally, a player having a medical means the transfer is as good as done. I just don’t have that confident feeling yet with all this player switching bollocks going on.


Send Giroud to Dortmund now, then sell him to Lyon in the summer. He would be a good fit for them.


Giroud must choose Dortmund if he wants a chance with the French squad. Chelsea is a mistake. Tell the mrs to pack her Louis Vuittons and skidaddle


I do think Dortmund will look elsewhere if they don’t get Giroud. They don’t want to keep Auba, so they will not just be relying on Arsenal and Chelsea, but will surely be looking at other targets.


Today is the 30th already… and still no medical and any progress…
Not feeling good about this.


I don’t think it’s a mistake given how desperate Conte has been to get a target man.

Morata can’t find his form and they have excellent crossers of the ball, so I think Giroud will be getting a lot of game time for Chelsea with the added bonus of not having to move away from his new baby.


They’re getting Batshuayi.


hes at our training ground getting his pictures taken lol.

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Auba is here :giroud3:


We almost got him!


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Pics and source please…

NO PS picture!!! :slight_smile:


The source is this thread Ronnie we’ve even tracked his plane into London :joy:


There’s no way he’s come all the way to our training ground for us to not be on the brink of signing him. Dortmund aren’t going to turn down €63m for a player that doesn’t want to be there and will perform like it too.