Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (signed, sealed, delivered)


No he would have had to have been registered yesterday before 12


He will be there to watch us lose :slight_smile:


LOL… guys calm down, you’re gonna crash the server


I always lurk but never post. I am so wet right now. Madness


Welcome along man :smiley: more lurkers should just go on and register! We don’t bite, hard.

Except for @Phoebica


GTFO Trump




It’s easy to blame someone here :ozil2:




How does finally getting a like from Luca feels like?




What I get up to at home is no-one else’s business :hipster:


Cheers pal. I’ve actually lurked for a few years, just never felt the need to join in. This thread is just the best though :arteta:


This thread has been one of the best recently, and so has the Giroud one.
Some of the best posting I have seen, condensed into a few days, in two threads.
Who needs a TV when you can read this forum?




Just burst out laughing at my desk and my mate next to me asked what was funny. I decided I’d rather not tell him the truth




Lol! We are so fucking desperate for a signing :arteta: