Pictures of OA members


You look like you’d suck a mean dick bro



I’ve been inspired, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals



It’s like two different people



What are you drinking?


You might recognise the Arsenal Christmas jumper from two years ago :laughing:




You’ve got sensational hair mate, mine is limp as fuck and needs hair spray to achieve anything


Jason. As. Fuck.


Haha Thanks mate. It’s actually quite hard to keep in style :smiley: it usually looks best after I just woke up.

I actually think your hair looks fine! What’s wrong with it?!


U wot cunt?

@Bl1nk it’s just really limp, it just flops down my forehead unless I use a ton of product


what is?..sounds like a condition you need to get looked at!!


Hahaha nice, penis innuendo, very original


Becks is shit, tbh. Merry Christmas though :wink:


the lady on the left?




no he’s obviously the guy that’s touching her inappropriately


I thought he was the guy taking the selfie who would also obviously be using the split screen function to keep track of the scores in the Colombian second division matches that were taking place while the pic was been taken.


Good Christmas joke mate :mustafi:


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours from the Troll of the year family! :grin: