Pictures of OA members


Where’s the bridge? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely looking family, muh dude. :+1:


Cute bear hat on your kid


Lol that’s an Ewok hat!!


Hahaha of course it fucking is


My 10 year old has the same hat.


It’s hard to find they are sold out at Disneyland all the time.


We were there on Christmas Eve last year and we snapped the Ewok and Wampa. I wear the Wampa hat all the time.


You got lucky, didn’t even know there was a Wampa one, I want one now :grinning:


Red hair. Yay or nay?


What about red and white :grinning:


Your bf will love it :slight_smile:




looks really nice :+1:


Luca right now


savage A.F. :joy:


I cho-cho-choose you


Strong yes.


Don’t use a photo my friends. Thanks.


Bunch of cunts you are.


Yeah I’m with Luca on this one. It’s one thing to post pictures of ourselves here on the forum but for someone to then take one and then edit it to mock another user as well as it being a picture that includes his friends is a bit out of order, regardless of how well the joke works.