Pictures of OA members


New look :wink:


Looking well @Luca_from_Italy you should keep this look.


Cheers mate! :slight_smile:


You’re definitely punching, good work mate :yum:



I think they’re a good looking couple :relaxed:


Just a bit of shanter mate


Lol are you going to continue to call me mate now?


It looks that way


Night at the darts for my cousin’s birthday. We haven’t got our hoods up but we’re supposed to be reindeers to my cousin’s Santa. Obviously i’m Vixen… :smiling_imp:

Though, i’ve just been talking to a couple of German dudes and they inform me that Vixen in German is masterbation. It’s spelt slightly differently, but pronounced the same. Suits me.




Report them for sexual harrasment #metoo

That said I really want to take my mates to a darts event, it looks like SO MUCH FUN. I think I’d love it.


You proper learned your lesson after the accidental cleavage shot didn’t you. :grinning:


Yeah it’s great fun. You go for the atmosphere. I actually think i’d see more darts watching it on TV at home because you spend half your time there chatting and singing random songs to people behind you etc, not to mention bowing to the pressure of 20 snowmen singing “down it down it down it” :rofl:

We even got a “We hate Tottenham” chant going. Anyone who doesn’t support them, hates them.


Uh huh…suurrreee.


What you trying to say? Come at me… :person_in_lotus_position:


You’re just like that one character from that movie, love actually. Have you seen it?


Which character?


You know, that one


. Merry Christmas people