Pictures of OA members


I would challenge this statement but we all know how pissy you can get when someone questions the content of your posts on a public forum :slight_smile:


I fucking love how catty the grown men on this forum can get :poldi:

Wait does this comment make me catty?!

Mikel Arteta

My favourite thing about this place lol


Just giving @Oliver the attention he clearly craves :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who needs TOWIE and Made in Chelsea when I can get my daily drama fix from OA?

I might just start shit stirring on occasion so I have something to eat popcorn too.


Haha it’s just playful ribbing not drama, you can tell because of the abundance of emojis lol


Haha yeah I know, I’m just kidding around :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(that’s not a sarcastic use of the emoji either)


:arteta: meow.


You pack of cunts.


How’d that chat with your girlfriend go? She’s young, she’ll understand

@Phoebica @GunnerGirl @Robin_L @Persona


Have I told you lately how right you are about everything? You football genius you :heart:


DUDE!!! Not cool, man! Not cool!


Loved this popping up on my phone while i was on a packed train to victoria this morning. :smile:


[quote=“Gladiator, post:279, topic:588”]
It’s TheGFP all over again.
[/quote]Ah what a thread that was. How to introduce yourself on a Forum. Now sadly lost to the ages. Although probably not a terrible thing :sweat_smile:

The girls would’ve loved that body of his :coq:


He’s mentioned that post on his podcast more than once. :smile:


Haha really? In what context does he bring that up, regards to Arsenal? :laughing:


Well once was because he was reading out a question i’d sent in but I cant remember why else :).


Just at my mates wedding yesterday was already 8 beers deep at this point


Soooo handsome :heart_eyes: you need to comb ur hair though, hippy.


Giving The Rock a run for his money @Gio