Pictures of OA members


only messing :slight_smile:


did you ever find a cooker with a superior reflective surface to shave in? you bastard


haha still have the same oven, don’t use it for that anymore :slight_smile:


Holy crap, @LukeTheGooner is back after almost a year away :cech:

You certainly making up for lost time I see mate :sweat_smile: Good to have you back around here.


no matter how many times I stay away from OA for long periods of time, I always end up coming back


He is posting like Alexis runs at the defenders :stuck_out_tongue:


posting like you liking posts :slight_smile:


Have you got your phone number linked to your Facebook?

Because Facebook just suggested you as a friend to me haha


How many times have you changed your toothbrush in the year you’ve been away Luke? :speak_no_evil:


maybe about 3 or 4


Yeah just made a new one with the name my mum calls me so she can have me on fb (she doesn’t like my actual name coz of shit id rather not go into)


haha fair, I was about to say the name on that FB doesn’t sound very Italian :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah surname always been that since I was born, grandad changed it from San Giacomo


Ahh ok, that’s pretty interesting, I take it that was to assimilate easier?

San Giacomo is a pretty boss surname too


one of my best mates pre wedding photos, don’t mind the hangover :joy:





Start of the wedding reception before I started feeling ill stricken :flushed:


Poop or barf?


The latter, believe it or not it was just general illness. I only drank 4 beers for the night.