Phones Thread

That Hindi translation hit well.

I own a Pixel and it’s translation feature is indeed top notch.

I’ve had the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra since January(ish). Bought it outright and glad to see it’s still holding it’s price. After recycling my older Samsung, it was a great deal for a flagship.

The fast charging is something I simply cannot live without anymore. Charges 50% in 9 minutes. Full charge in under 20 mins. And the battery life is class anyway.

If folks haven’t experienced fast charging I recommend your next phone has it. Really is a game changer. This one came with a beast 125W charger. The fact it came with a charger is a novelty in itself. Most bastard phone companies don’t even include them these days.

It’s close to stock android which was a major selling point for me. I still pine for the root + cyanogen mod days.

You get absolutely rinsed on 2-3 year contracts but stumping up £500-£1000 on a new phone is a lot of cash unless you can get a decent amount for your old one.

I’ll keep this phone for as long as the battery life stays decent, but the fast charging mitigates that a lot.

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Android master race reporting in. I break my phone too often to waste coin on an iPhone.

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This sounds really dumb but it runs Apple Music right?

Also I’m too self conscious to be the only person in my family with green text bubbles.

Yes it does, I don’t know if it has all the features of IOS version

So… received my phone today. But they sent me the wrong one lol.

Instead of sending a Flip 4, they actually sent me the Fold 4, a phone which they are selling for over double the price of the Flip 4 on their website, for between £849 and £899 :joy:

Spotify is really head and shoulders above Apple Music or god forbid tidal

Had the free trial of Apple Music but never gotten used to it

Spotify is just so well built

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So are you sending it back or keeping it?

Yeah Spotify is great but my gripe was that I couldn’t download my playlists onto my watch to use without cellular when running until recently.

Well, my step bro did suggest I sell the Fold for twice what the Flip costs, then buy a Flip, and I would have essentially got a free phone…

Part of me wants to keep it cos its a way more expensive phone than Id ever buy, but it is super heavy and when closed is as thick as two smartphones back to back lol

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Fuck that. Imagine you ended up in a job that came with a work phone too. You’d have it buy a whole load of new pants just to accommodate your phone situation.

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Yeah, I won’t be keeping it, I didn’t sign up to be lugging something like that about.

Is that still a thing?

Ive got it and its fine
Its no bigger or bulkier than a normal phone in your pocket when youre walking around
I love it and would never swap it for anything, being on the train or out and about and being able to watch stuff is great.

Yeah that’s my problem with apple. I am also locked up in apple’s ecosystem.

Recently purchased an apple HomePod and guess what. To use it with Siri, one can only use Apple Music as it doesn’t support Spotify nor tidal. Purely to drive users away from other apps to their own apps.

This is simply unfair competition. I think EU regulatory bodies have slapped fines on apple for these practices.

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Yeah, that’s why I really don’t want an iPhone.
Love the Macbook & iPad but my cellphone has to be android to not get locked into that ecosystem.

Updated to iOS17 last night, no major changes really

Imagine if you signed a two year contract for a new phone that was exactly the same as the previous :grinning: